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Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 163cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 53kg
Absolutely love it

My baby girl loves being in the Konny carrier, she has the biggest smile when she knows she's going in it. It's very comfortable to wear and so easy to put her in it unlike other carriers I've tried. Love the fabric and all the variety of colours. Definitely worth purchasing and has allowed me to tend to my toddler while putting her to sleep in the carrier at home or when going out for a stroll.

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 161cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 59kg
Fabulous carrier

It's my life saver I would say.
I love carry baby by using carrier more than using stroller if I am alone. I have another carrier before decided buying Konny. But my 2 months old baby kind of fussy and keep crying when put on it and also hard for me to wear alone when the baby so small & fragile. Hence, I decided to purchase Konny after I reviewed the website. With the speedy delivery service, I managed to get the item on time and used it on my cousin's wedding day. Surprisingly! Baby just quietly and sleep so fast. He can sleep for 3-4 hours without requesting for milk while I am busy helping around. Relatives also asking what product is this? My dad event comment :Wah! baby sleep till so soundly.

Secondly, this is so easy to wear and even alone or in car.. I managed to wear alone and ;importantly the item is not bulky, can just squeeze in my diaper bag easily.

I will just prep my Konny in bag when I am going anywhere. When baby doesn't want to stay in stroller, Konny will be my baby's best friend. I can do my shopping easily without hassle 😌

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 1.63cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 72kg
Konny black carrier

It’s very comfy! Easy to wear!

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5'3
Weight (kg or lbs): 140
retuned item

I'm normally a size medium. based on their sizing guide I should've ordered a medium but the carrier didn't fit. my baby was crying so loud when i put her in. seemed like i was crushing her. the carrier offered no support. I received my refund back and it seemed like I've lost about $20. Do NoT purchase this item if youre not sure because you will pay alot in shipping costs. I'm dissatisfied.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Our size calculator utilizes a database built with real customer data and we continue to optimize it in order to provide the best sizing recommendation. However, since each person has a different figure, some people may not fit into the suggested size. We will continue to improve our sizing guidance process to satisfy our customers. Concerning the refund, I am afraid that the shipping charge for the completed delivery is not refundable. Also kindly note that the return label feel $5.70 was deducted from the refund. Thank you for the comment.
Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 152cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 80kg
Convenient and easy to use

Great product, very easy to use, wish I had of got a size bigger than what I did. Great breathable material my little man does not get too hot.
Convenient to use, allows free hands to get things done.

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 166cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 56kg

Such a fantastic carrier. I only wish i’d found it sooner! So easy to wear and my seven month old baby loves it. Thank you Konny!

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 5ft
Weight (kg or lbs): 120lbs
I love it!

I started off with a Solly Baby Wrap and it was such a hassle having to wrap all the fabric around you and over your shoulders, etc. I got this wrap in and instantly loved it and so did my 4 month old! & the best part is that it takes me less than 5 minutes to put it on and get the baby in, hassle free! I’m so glad I found this shop.

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5’6”
Weight (kg or lbs): 150
Fabric is not as stretchy as I thought...

Not very impressed as the size I picked based on recommendation on site is very small and has very little stretch. Recommend going a size up and using for small babies only.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Our size calculator utilizes a database built with real customer data and we continue to optimize it in order to provide the best sizing recommendation. However, since each person has a different figure, some people may not fit into the suggested size.  Hope you allow us to assist you to find the better Konny size. Please find the email from us.  
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 169cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 57kg
Love my Konny!

I have a couple of other baby carriers, but when I saw the Konny Carrier advertised I was intrigued. What I love about it is it’s so easy to use! It’s not bulky or complicated to put on. I can wear it in the car and then transfer my baby into it with ease. Great for travel or a trip to the shops. The best part is my baby loves it and sleeps as soon as she’s put in. I highly recommend it to anyone!

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 5.2
Weight (kg or lbs): 46

I bought so many carriers for my infant but I didn’t like it, and then I saw from FB advertising about Konny Carrier that looks so comfortable & simple so I decided to try buying one more. Finally, I found the one I love. Thanks for let me know this carrier ;). Love it !!!

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5 ft 3 inches
Weight (kg or lbs): 150
I bought 3!

This is hands down the best carrier I’ve ever tried/used. It’s very similar to the k’tan-it’s very simple to put on like the k’tan, but the Konny is significantly less bulky and more comfortable. It’s very easy to place the baby Securely and comfortably in the Konny, which encourages me to wear my baby more often (especially during this cold/flu season). I bought one in black, mint, and the summer version in the cream color. The fit is true to size and it’s easy to bottle feed while your baby is in the Konny. No regrets! Love this carrier!

Konny Size: XL
Shipment is so slow

My wife has this then we wanted to buy for me. I ordered this product but it’s been 3 weeks ago. Tracking saying it’s still faraway. I don’t receive it yet.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. As stated at the checkout, Economy shipping may take up to 15 working days. Please reach out to us if you do not receive your order until the 25th, Feb. Thank you very much for your patience. 
Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 165ccm
Weight (kg or lbs): 65kg

Konny baby carrier save parenting life. It is light and easy to bring and go in seconds. No help, clicks and tie here and there needed. One parent can handle from A to Z and baby are still safe and comfortable. With Konny baby carrier, my baby stay comfortable with me and both my legs and hand still can attach with other houseworks no matter at home, jogging in park or shopping around. The amazing part is that my baby can fall asleep and sleep tightly in this carrier. No more hassle and frustrated like before owing a konny baby carrier. Without Konny baby carrier, I need to scarified all my time for houseworks to cuddle my baby and accompany her where both hands and legs will have no extra. Konny baby carrier definitely the amazing accessories for parenting to keep life easier and happy after.

Konny Size: XXL
Height (cm or ft): 171
Weight (kg or lbs): 99
Wedding attire

Loved this carrier which I purchased to wear to a friend's wedding. I loved the fact that it was comfy and practical, and looked great with a dress and heels. Also, love that it is cool enough to wear round the house while doing chores during the heat of the summer.

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 153cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 49kg
After purchase comment

the size is fit and useful

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 160
Weight (kg or lbs): 54
Good to have one

Nice fit based on the reference of website size calculator.
Very useful for support mother to carry a new born baby. The original version fiber is nice.

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5’2”
Weight (kg or lbs): 168
Worth it

This is totally worth it. My child and I are so comfortable when we wear it. The only advice I would have is if you are bigger chested go the size up.

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 5ft 3in
Weight (kg or lbs): 115lbs
My favorite baby carrier!

I used the Infantino and baby bjorn carriers for my first baby, but I wanted something that was softer and didn’t have plastic pieces that would touch the baby’s face. So when I found Konnybaby during my second pregnancy I begged my husband to buy one. It is definitely my favorite one! Easy to wear, wash, and no hard pieces pressing onto the baby. As a bonus, I have severe lower back pain and mild sciatica, and this carrier helps relieve the pressure that a traditional carrier doesn’t. I will wear until my baby outgrows it, and probably Oder a size up when she gets too big for this one!

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 163
Weight (kg or lbs): 52
It is a magical carrier for me

It is not easy at all as a mother of two, my newborn baby is very much attached to me, I can’t manage my task daily until Konny carrier comes into my life, I can get my hands back to do my housework, The most important is baby look comfortable when she get into Konny carrier and always falls asleep within a minute.
Thanks Konny for making my life wonderful! Faster grabs your Konny carrier too , u will never regret!

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 165cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 80kg
Simple, yet effective carrier!

I gave up on a material wrap (with my first bub) after being gifted one that required way too many steps! This time after using a structured one last time, I was keen to find one that was comfortable for both Bub and I, yet simple to use. I came across the Konny wrap and am so glad I took the plunge to order!
It is extremely comfortable and supportive to wear and Bub is so settled in it. Definitely changed my views of material wraps and made my outings with a toddler and newborn so much easier.

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5’5
Heavy dye smell

I generally like the wrap.. there are others like this on the market but this design is the most efficient. But it has a heavy dye smell. Wish they would use more gentle ingredients. Also runs super small.

Thank you Cameron for the comment. The fabric itself could have a distinctive smell at first, but it naturally dissipates. I would like to emphasize that the fabric we use has zero harmful substances as we are certified as safe baby products by ASTM and KC. I am wondering how the exchange size fits you. I will reach out shortly in case you need further assistance on sizing or wearing.
Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 154cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 60kg
Summer style Nonni carrier

I'm thinking I may have needed the medium, but baby fits in small, and use it to comfort him during witching hour when he is unsettled. Great fabric for Australian summers, like a little koala bear that fits inside.

Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 5’6
Weight (kg or lbs): 210

Placed order online with the sizing from website, when item arrived it was way too small. I looked through manual to see if I was doing something wrong but the sizing in manual showed I should have ordered way different size. I was disappointed in this due to ordering and paying extra shipping to arrive before an event where I needed a wrap to carry our son. I did reach out and got a response that day that I would be contacted, and I have. Waiting to see the results/how things are taken care of to make situation right.

Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 5’9”
Weight (kg or lbs): 184 lbs
Great, a little snug.

I even sized up to an XL because I’m bigger chested and it still seems tight. It’s certainly not loose on the baby, so that’s a positive, however, I’m worried I’ll need to buy an even bigger size as my baby grows.

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5’2”
Weight (kg or lbs): 160
Love this carrier!

This carrier is so comfy yet supportive! My little one loves it.