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Height (cm): 157
Weight (kg): 55
Konny Size: M

I always wanted a carrier that is easy to wear, comfortable and sleek. And this is the one!
just take a few seconds to wear it, and wallah! you're good to go.
the fabric is breathable therefore it is very comforting for my 3 months old son, especially in Malaysia's hot weather.
My husband and I love it so much!

Height (cm): 170
Weight (kg): 95
Konny Size: XL

I love this carrier. It's practical and stylish. I love that I can slip it on in the morning and have baby in and out all day easily. Also breastfeeding with it on is easy. I have tried so many carriers and this is by far the best.

Height (cm): 5'2"
Weight (kg): 120
Konny Size: S
Konny summer wrap

I like the idea of a mesh wrap but this material did not stretch enough. I am a petite woman, 5'2" 120 lbs and the small was pretty tight on my baby. Baby had a pretty big red mark under his hammies and that was only after about 15 mins in it.. maybe I should have sized up..???

Height (cm): 170 cm
Weight (kg): 61 kg
Konny Size: M
Time saver

My baby loves being held all the time and being here in Florida it is hot and humid so this carrier was one of the best purchases I have ever made. It also doesn’t take a lot of your time to put on. I had a wrap before this and it took a while for me to put it on and of course the time feels even longer when baby is screaming to be held. I love this. I definitely would love to try one of the original carriers because this one is so worth it! And I must add how fast it was delivered! Only 2 days. Wow!

Height (cm): 5 ft 4inches
Weight (kg): 120lb
Konny Size: M
Just what I’ve been looking for!

I wanted a wrap for my newborn that was stylish, comfortable, and easy to put on. Most wraps are so difficult to do yourself and they have no stretch so they pull on my neck when wearing the baby. I had a Kataan wrap but the back gave no support since it’s only held together with a ring of material. My back was always killing me after wearing my baby for an hour. The Konny has great back support, looks great, and is SO simple to put on in a pinch. My baby instantly falls asleep in it and actually starts smiling when he sees it coming. Love my Konny!

Height (cm): 160
Weight (kg): 75
Konny Size: L
Favorite carrier!

I've used a moby wrap and a bulky carrier with buckles and this carrier is my favorite! It's so easy to put on and it's very secure. As soon as I put it on I immediately noticed how good my back felt. I really like that the support band has a pocket for a phone--super thoughtful! I discovered that while sitting down, I can hold him in one side of the wrap to breastfeed hands free. I highly recommend!
I used the size calculator and it recommended an XL but I went with a L since my waist is smaller and it fits perfectly. For reference I'm 5' 3", 36" bust, 36" waist, 42" hip

Height (cm): 166
Weight (kg): 57
Konny Size: M
Bad and Not recommended

The size recommended by the website is incorrect and too tight that i feel so tired and my shoulder was painful for using for an hour. I do not recommend this carrier and i regretted of buying it.

Thanks for the comment. I am sorry about your unpleasant Konny experience. We consider where baby sits as the standard to see whether it is the right size. Baby should sit around your belly button. If the distance between your belly button and baby's bottom is more than 5cm, we recommend to size up. When baby sits lower than your waistline, to size down. It could feel much tighter at first, but in accordance with the use and baby's weight, the fabric gets naturally stretched. We will keep trying our utmost to satisfy global customers.
Height (cm): 163
Weight (kg): Unknown
Konny Size: M
Chic and functional gift

I purchased this baby carrier as a gift for a friend and it was not difficult to get a size or a style of baby carrier that was suited for her as all the information we needed were available on the website!

The carrier proved both functional and beautiful for a growing and rather large baby! My friend commented that the material is excellent and that her baby quickly adjusted to being carried in it.

The staff at Konny were also very kind in helping me adjust the size before it was shipped as I had selected the wrong size at first.

Buying this carrier was a good choice and the service provided by Konny was excellent! Would love to get a carrier for myself next!

Height (cm): 165
Weight (kg): 56
Konny Size: M

Super easy to use, comfortable and stylish. I’ve tried lots of wraps and this is by far the best. My newborn loves it! Would highly recommend

Height (cm): 160
Weight (kg): 58
Konny Size: M
Best carrier I ever bought!

Bought it and they delivered in 2 days! Amazing courier service. Tried it on the first day and my baby fall asleep feeling so comfortable. I love it since it is so light to carry around and the mesh material making my baby sweat less!

Height (cm): 165
Weight (kg): 59
Konny Size: M
Stylish and comfortable way to wear a baby!

I use this with my newborn son. At about 1 week old I used his carrier to bring him to his health checkup session. People did not realize I was wearing a baby carrier and commented “wow, you put your baby so comfortably in your clothes!” This really is a super lightweight and comfortable carrier, both for the mother and the baby. Right now my son is 3 weeks old and is going through a growth spurt during which he often gets extremely fuzzy and cranky. When he gives me those loud impatient cries and has difficulty falling asleep, I put him to my chest using the Konny baby carrier. It calms him almost instantly and puts him to sleep without much effort by me. I can also free my hands (and type up this review!) while he sleeps in the carrier. I’m sure my son would have given a 5 star review for this carrier if he could~!

Height (cm): 152
Weight (kg): 54
Konny Size: M
Love this wrap!

This wrap is beautiful, comfortable and so easy to use. I previously used a one-piece long fabric wrap for my firstborn, but it can be cumbersome to tie on quickly while out and about. (Saving even a few minutes while your baby is crying and wanting to be worn makes all the difference!) I am always needing to wear my baby so I can be hands free and play with/care for my older child. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I do wish I could sometimes use this wrap for breastfeeding while carrying, and the shoulders can feel tight, thus limiting me from raising my arms. This does seem to be the design, however, so that the baby can be held tightly against the body for comfort and a snug fit. I use this wrap all the time, and won't leave the house without it!

Height (cm): 176
Weight (kg): 75
Konny Size: L
Worth every cent & oh so comfy

A colleague of mine recommended the Konny Baby cattier to me just weeks before we were expecting. I had seen photos of her daughter wearing hers and it looked so stylish & comfy for both her & baby! I ordered one that day & it arrived in less than a week!!
And I am absolutely delighted with my purchase! Worth every cent & so easy to use & comfortable for us both! I will be recommending or buying one of these for all my mumma friends!! Xxoo Thankyou for your awesome product!

Height (cm): 158
Weight (kg): 55
Konny Size: M
The Baby Saviour

Sticky baby sticks to mummy
So mummy can't do anything
Then comes Konny carrier
To save dear mummy

Light and cooling
Stylish and trendy
Prevents your arms from aching
Allows for superb bonding
Easy to use
And oh!
So comfy!

Some mummies were looking
At me carrying baby
With admiration and glee
Whispering out loud
'Where can we get that to carry our babies?'

I smiled and replied
'Get the carrier
From dear Konnybaby!' =)

Height (cm): 159
Weight (kg): 66
Konny Size: M
Most comfortable and fits like a glove

Would like to thank the team for their efficiency. Accidentally picked the wrong size. They reverted timely and made the change with no question asked.👍

My little one sleeps so well in Konny.
I even wear in at home at times because he’s so comfortable in it.
And best of all, no backaches.
Thank you Konny!

Height (cm): 150
Weight (kg): 54
Konny Size: M

Have not regretted buying this carrier! Baby slept very comfortably for long hours while carrying her. Easy to put on and easy to allow baby out to the bed once asleep. Plus the carrier is lightweight and compact! Highly recommend!

Height (cm): 150cm
Weight (kg): 45KG
Konny Size: XS
Konny Baby Carrier DA BEST

I love how lightweight the carrier is! Easier for me to carry ard whenever I’m out alone with my baby. I love how easy and comfortable it is! Plus point easier to wash! It’s so lightweight that when I carry my baby it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Thank you for the amazing carrier! I can’t wait to purchase another for my second baby. Super efficient and fast delivery! Love love love! 😍🔥

Height (cm): 157
Weight (kg): 48
Konny Size: S
I love the snugness Konny!

Fell in love with the Konny when I saw a friend of mine carrying it. My baby currently at 4wks old feels so snug when carried in it and sleeps well. My hands are free and also makes me feel extra close to her. Tried this vs other carriers and this seems to fit her better. The downside would probably be me trying to get her legs in but I don't think it's an issue! Customer service was great too! Received prompt replies which was useful for me. Would love to get the summer version one day if the price is right!

Height (cm): 165
Weight (kg): 100
Konny Size: XXL

I have a 3 month old baby girl and have gone through 4 wraps, ranging from stiff clip ones for stretch wraps and she hated them all- I also didn’t feel overly comfortable with the stretch one as I could never get it tight enough. Since getting the Konny carrier I have been able to get so much more done as she loves it.
I’m so thankful for one of my friends getting me on to them and I will be recommending them to everyone I know!

Height (cm): 172
Weight (kg): 84
Konny Size: L
Baby Wearing Made Easy

I purchased this because it did not require extra tying and I am so pleased with that! Putting it on, even by myself, is very easy. My baby does not seem to be hot and I am much cooler wearing this than the other carrier I bought. I'm interested to see how this size works as my baby gets older. This size works fine for now, but I think I could have used the next size up.

Height (cm): 158
Weight (kg): 48
Konny Size: S
Size guide confusing

[Previous review rated 5 stars by mistake - it's the automatic setting. This is the correct rating.]
I had to return my Konny, which cost heaps from Australia. I checked the size guide however it didn't help - it was way too small and immediately gave me back pain. Too expensive to return to bother getting a new size.

Height (cm): 170
Weight (kg): 70
Konny Size: L
Most comfortable, lightweight and airy carrier!

I’ve tried quite a few different baby carriers for my first 2 kids when they were babies but there was never one that I would call my favorite. When I had my third child in June I was desperately trying to source for a comfortable carrier that would be ideal for the hot humid climate of Singapore. I came across Konny carrier by chance and it looked like it had what I was looking for and so I decided to give it a go. I am so glad that I purchased it! Baby sleeps so comfortably in the carrier and not once have I felt hot while baby carrying her. It’s light weight and so durable! Am definitely going to get another one and highly recommend this to all mummies!

Height (cm): 163
Weight (kg): 69
Konny Size: M
Perfect for doing what I need to do

The Konny has allowed me to be able to take care of my other three children while keeping close contact with our newborn. Extremely happy with our purchase!

Height (cm): 167
Weight (kg): 60
Konny Size: M
Fantastic, comfortable, stylish, practical

Bought the carrier in a size medium, I am 167cm and 60kg and usually a size 8-10, fits me perfectly, unfortunately however it doesn't fit my husband. If it was more affordable I would purchase 2 however I feel is a bit pricey to buy 2 pairs, their should be a discount for a second carrier. Have used it with our newborn from 3 days old. She falls asleep in it. Leaves my hands free to do household jobs. Can be a little tricky getting her in on my own but most carriers have this as a limitation.

Height (cm): 5’6”
Weight (kg): 115 lbs
Konny Size: S
Love it as much as my “wrap” wraps!

This thing is amazing. Super easy, and works just as well as my other one piece wraps. I keep the konny in my car for when I need a carrier in a pinch, and it’s worked out great so far!
Very easy to use, baby loves it, and the print is super fashionable!