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Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5 feet 6 inches
Weight (kg or lbs): 155lbs
Love our Konny!!

Purchased the Konny Charcoal Summer and it’s beyond comfortable along with easy to use. Will suggest to all momma friends!

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 5’4.5
Weight (kg or lbs): 128lbs

I have a very hot-natured baby boy. I had a wrap by a different brand which caused him to sweat so much on me. Konny is lightweight and breathable (summertime Konny) which makes it perfect for my little man. Baby B loves to be held, as he is only 2 months old but rather large, and gets incredibly heavy after a whole. This is great for getting those daily chores done and dinners cooked while also bonding with baby.

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 164cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 48kg
Newborn Essential

Initial bought the wrong size and could not exchange it, but because of the reviews I decided to buy another one. And no regrets.

My 3weeks old baby has colic and is super fussy, tried all different positions, rocking chair, swaying leaf, bouncing cradle to get her to settle but she just wouldn't. Pulled out the Konny and she miraculously settled and fell asleep within 5mins.

Best purchase ever. Might even consider getting another colour.

Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 5’8”
Weight (kg or lbs): 92kg
Love it

Easy to use, beautiful soft material and comfy. Purchased in L and XL. Would recommend!

Konny Size: M
Amazing bibs

Love the idea of the rotatable bib! Perfect for teething babies, would love to get some more with my next order since I love them so much! And the colours are so adorable

Konny Size: XXL
Height (cm or ft): 174 cm
Very happy

Very happy with my Konny. So much easier than my " big brand" carrier that had kept from my baby five years ago for our new baby. So comfortable and doesn't hurt me and most importantly baby is very comfortable too. Definitely recommend

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5 ft 8 in
Weight (kg or lbs): 130 lbs
Best carrier EVER!

As a second time Mom, I already owned three (yes, three) different kinds of popular baby carriers! Each had its benefits, but I still was searching for something that was soft, secure & easy to put on quickly...important since I also have a 3 year old to keep up with. After my Konny arrived, I had it on within minutes & was instantly thrilled! It is everything I’ve wanted in a carrier & have already recommended it to other friends who are expecting or recently had a baby. It’s the perfect mix of function, ease & style. If you’re considering getting one, you won’t be disappointed.

Konny Size: XXL
Height (cm or ft): 5’ 7

So easy to put on and it holds my baby snug so she naps while I can get stuff done around the house.

Konny Size: XS
Height (cm or ft): 5 ft 1 inch
Weight (kg or lbs): 95

I’ve both bought and received several carriers and this by far is the most comfortable. I love that the back is a solid bass because I don’t need to spend time making sure it’s not flip awkwardly like other carriers.

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 164cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 60kg
Perfect bib for my son! 💚

My son(4months old) drools so much that he goes through about 12 bibs a day! When we are out, I don’t have to keep turning the bib around and even he tries to pull it, it doesn’t easily come off. I purchased 7 and one was free! Love this bib! It makes his clothes much cuter.

Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 5 ft 6 in
Weight (kg or lbs): 160 lbs
best baby purchase 2021

This baby carrier is a life saver!! My 6 week old baby is already attached to my hip. Now, he can be attached to me in the carrier! The fit is great. It is so comfortable. The shoulder part is a real game changer. I forget I’m wearing it sometimes! My baby fits so good and snug in it that he could nap for hours! I would definitely recommend it to new/ busy moms! This carrier beats any other one I’ve tried!

My husband has also tried it out & he loves it too!

Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 5ft 8in
Weight (kg or lbs): 80kg
Baby loves it

I bought the Konny after seeing it advertised on Facebook and I’m so glad I gave it a try. My baby boy is 5 weeks old and is a total Velcro-baby, I cannot put him down without him getting upset, so now I pop him in the Konny & he’s happy whilst I get some chores done around the house. I love the mocha colour & the fabric is super soft & comfortable. I bought a XL and would usually be a UK size 12, it is a little on the large size but I did loose a lot of weight immediately post-partum which I’m sure I will regain.

Konny Size: L

Love the easy no fuss design. As an expectant mother I can't wait to start using the konny baby carrier! It was a must have on my baby list!

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 160
Weight (kg or lbs): 65
Soft and comfy for baby to sleep in

My baby sleeps in the carrier within minutes of walking and swaying. Totally worth the money as I do not even need to tie or fix anything! Bought an m as my usually day clothes are all n sizes

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 160
Weight (kg or lbs): 60
Very comfortable fabric

Highly recommended for new moms for comforting babies while working and keeps your hands free👏👏

Konny Size: XS
Height (cm or ft): 156
Weight (kg or lbs): 48
Love it!

Love the konny bibs so much that I ordered more. Not only they look cute, they are also functional, especially when you have a teething baby. Whenever the front part gets wet, I can just rotate it.

Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 168
Weight (kg or lbs): 89
Not amazing

It's a really nice simple design, I hate tying. However it's very unstretchy, so my newborn will definitely sit way too low. I imagine it'll fit him better when he's a bit older, but it's disappointing because I wanted to use it with him from the beginning.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused.

If you don't mind, please share photos of you wearing the carrier with your baby inside so we can check on your fit and wearing. And if necessary, we would also assist you with the size exchange.

Look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.

Konny Size: XXL
Height (cm or ft): 177cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 100kg
Uncomplicated and light

What a wonderful baby carrier! It looks and feels light. Even if the baby is in the heavier range, it still feels secure. I bought the carrier for my husband as well and he is amazed of the easy usage. The carriers with buckles are so complicated to use, he always got back ache - he really disliked it. That's why I got the Konny Summer Baby Carrier.
The only thing you need to know, the weight goes to your shoulders, so it is very important to have good posture and use the Konny right.

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5' 3"
Weight (kg or lbs): 135 lbs
Must have!

I absolutely love my Konny wrap! I own another brand as well (which I won't name), and I wish I would've gotten the Konny wrap first. It's so quick and easy to put on and place baby inside. The material is super soft and stylish. Every mama needs one!

Konny Size: M
Awesome baby carrier

This is all we ever need. We’ve tried so many different kinds and this works the best for us. I like that I can easily fit my baby in a few seconds. I bought another one for my husband.

Best bibs ever esp for teething babies

Very good quality and highly absorbent. Recommended it to my mum friends and they love it too. Goes really well with every outfit.

Konny Size: XXL
Height (cm or ft): 5ft 10
Weight (kg or lbs): 210
Innovative, relaxing and stress free!

I am terrible at anything that requires instructions. This however is the easiest sling I have come across. I can use this on my own without help which is key as a busy mum when time is precious. My baby loves the closeness we get when using this and I’m so glad I found this product!

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 1.64cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 60kg
In love with my Konny

I had already 2 different baby carriers but i am so happy I decided to buy Konny carrier! Is just perfect, so comfortable, easy to wear even when you are alone, can walk for long distance without feeling the pain on your back as it gives pressure on your shoulder, it’s an amazing product, I would totally recommend it!

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 155cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 60kg
It really works!

I have bought other baby carrier but since my baby was little that baby carrier was not fitting right. So I was searching for baby carriers all day and found Konny on instagram. Wasn't really a fan of wrapping style carriers, but since the first day I got this I only use this!
It really does make the baby fall asleep within minutes and is very lightweight.
The shipping was fast as well.
I feel like this will be my no.1 present for any of my friends who are pregnant :)

Konny Size: 3XL
Height (cm or ft): 5ft 10
Weight (kg or lbs): 250lb
I love my Konny!!!

I was searching forever for a baby carrier that didn’t involve complicated ties, bulky buckles and slippy ring fastenings and in my search I found Konny! It’s amazing baby is super supported and feels safe when carrying. Love that there are different sizes and the size guide was perfect for helping me choose. I have peace of mind that my baby is safe and sound!