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Konny Size: XL
Poor quality

I was really excited for this wrap. However, I washed and dried it according to the directions and it shrank so much that it is unusable! It was a complete waste of money. When I contacted the company, they simple said it will stretch with use and didn’t seem to care.

Height (cm): 170
Konny Size: M
Flaring and elegant

This is one of the new dresses konny had in edition. Been waiting for it on its international site and managed to get it when it was available. Love how easy and convenient button down and easy to nurse my baby with this dress looking glam.

Height (cm): 170
Konny Size: M
Comfy and trendy

Love this dress which can be worn out of the house as well as being at home. Ordered it in grey . Material is cooling and soft . Had bought many mummy dresses from konny and loving it as always

Height (cm): 163
Weight (kg): 163
Konny Size: XL
Daddy and mummy friendly

Our little one is 10 days old! We are so relieved and pleased we bought the Konny sling because we didn’t know we had to bring him for so many appointments within the first two weeks of his life! In fact we brought him home from the hospital using the Konny sling (daddy wore him). Besides keeping our little one secure, the Konny sling helped us as new parents to feel secure too, knowing that we have correctly positioned our baby in the sling (thanks to the clear instructions in the “user manual” and Instagram video) and he is as snug as a bug. So far he has slept through his outings, and it’s probably due to how comfortable he is inside the sling!

Warm and snug

The konny warmer is soft, warm and great keeping bub snug.

amazing! Love it so much 🖤

my favorite by far. it is so easy to wear and very light, it’s just feel like a scarf when i don’t wear it with my baby, it keeps me warm too. It became my essential wear. I can do run errands with baby with no stroller and backpack on My back without adding extra carrier weight. Also, recently i learned that i can use it as a nursing cover.

I had the original version and I didn’t think twice to buy this summer version. It is perfect for Singapore weather and i love it as it dries quickly after wash too!

My baby seems so comfortable and he will sleep every time i carry him with konny.

Konny team makes a great customer service too, very prompt and helpful. Thank you konny for making baby wearing an easy and memorable journey.

A great carrier created by mum for mums

I was introduced to konny by an online blogging app, dayre. All the mummies on dayre have been raving on how easy it is to put konny on and their baby sleeping well in the carrier.

I bought one to try and it lives up to my expectation! True enough, it is easy to put on and my baby slept well in it. How I wish to own the konny in every single color and pattern.

Snug support, stylish & splendid service

Highly recommended! I wasn’t exaggerating when I told my friends that Konny carriers is one of the best baby products, if not the best, I have.

Second-time mother here and unlike my firstborn who was a great sleeper, my no. 2 hardly napped when he was less than 2mo. I tried all means and ways but to no avail. It was nerve-wracking until I chanced upon Konny carriers. Now, my son would sleep almost every time I babywear him (even under the blazing hot sun) - for as long as 2 hours if I were to be shopping. My son is no longer an overtired baby and can finally take good naps on his own even without the carrier. I especially love how snug the support is and I don’t have to worry about him falling off at all.

It being stylish is just a bonus. I’ve had relatives, friends, and even strangers coming up to me to say that the carrier looks ‘cool’ - both stylish and breathable. Also, it dries overnight after washing, which is great since I need to use it almost everyday.

I had some enquiries, and was most impressed with how prompt the email replies from Konny were and the efficiency at which my request was addressed.

Perfect carrier that my little one looks forward to be in!

My wife have been using the konny carrier for 6 months and it’s been the best 6 months for both my wife and daughter! Since owning a konny, we have stopped using other carriers and my daughter’s eyes will even light up when my wife dons the konny carrier. My little girl loves being in the carrier and close to mummy! It is so much cooler than other carriers. Hopefully I get the chance to try on the summer edition so I can baby wear my daughter while staying cool!

It is of amazing quality, lightweight and extremely compact. No worries about bringing it everywhere.

Best carrier purchase!

easy and quick to put on daily when sending my baby to infant care school and most importantly extremely lightweight to be kept in handbag.

baby sleeps comfortably in the summer mesh carrier which is well suited for Singapore weather and mum looking chic and carefree with the carrier on! :)

Best carrier out there!

I have tried quite a few wraps and carriers but for me, the search is over! I love my Konny baby carrier so much! It is super easy to use, incredibly lightweight and one of the most stylish carriers I have seen. No long tutorials needed on how to adjust the carrier for different positions or ages - this carrier is just that simple! I just purchased another carrier for the summer and the fabric and quality is top of the line. Thank you for making such an awesome product that makes my life easier and my baby feel happy and safe!

Wearing my girl is now a breeze.

Wearing the baby is no longer Mummy's job only!

I have never felt so close to my daughter before this. With Konny baby carrier, I can wear her while still shopping with my wife, giving my wife her prescious rest.

It is so light weight, I didn't feel like I was wearing her at all. And as a first-time Dad, I was a little paranoid at first, but the design of the carrier made me feel safe for my girl.

I am so glad my wife bought this baby carrier.

Nice design

As a nurse💁🏻‍♀️, I choose konny carrier because it is recommended by IHDI. Which ensure the carrier design will not be harmful for baby hip joints development.Love this carrier for it's stylish looking ✨and it is well designed to distribute the bady weight evenly on the shoulder👍🏻prevent 🤰from back pain
For reference I am 162cm, 61kg before delivery, 51.2kg now size S is just fit for me🙆🏻‍♀️

Must-have this Summer!

My title of this review says it all. If you're a Mummy, this carrier is a must-have this summer!
I spent hours figuring out the expensive baby carrier, but all I took was 2 tries for Konny baby carrier. My little one fell soundly asleep in it and for the first time, she wasn't in sweat in our 32 degree celcius weather, thanks to the airy material!
Now I have my hands free to do things even when I carry my girl. Have recommended to many of my mummy friends and they love it too!
Way to go, Konny!

Konny-lovin vibes!

Konny provided me with utmost comfort when I was recovering and still going through postpartum. My first day out with the little one was a struggle and I faced so much inconvenience because the Baby was too small to be in any other carriers that I have. My second try was with the same infant but calmer and the same recovering body but with so much comfort. Love how embracing the Baby is made to be so so warm and comfortable, providing me with ultimate confidence when going out even on a hot sunny day in SG. Kuddos!! Saving up for your recent summer collection 🤣🤣

So great I bought both versions!

Totally loving this baby carrier!

I bought the normal version first, and then the summer version when it launched because it is so useful.

It is
*lightweight (barely feel anything on my shoulders)
*easy to use (great for insecure mummies like me who don't dare to use a slingwrap)
*multi-purpose (can double up as nursing cover too!)
*multi-purpose sash
*easy to wash and dry
*baby feels secure and comfortable in it, falls asleep fast

now my husband is jealous of the bonding my baby and I share, because I use it everyday, and whines to get one for him too. (He's one size bigger)

It is worth every penny. I will definitely strongly recommend it to my mummy friends!

Superb quality and the best warmer

The best warmer or cover for a carrier I have ever purchased for babywearing! Having to find a suitable warmer for a tropical country like mine in Singapore is almost impossible because it can be super warm. I was extremely excited when I received this as it was the rainy season here and wanted to keep my newborn warm. Because it is a sleeveless warmer, I can wear my usual sleeveless top to keep myself cool and baby can be warm in the warmer. I have used it in the chilly cinema and malls when my son was a week old. The Konny baby carriers fit with this perfectly as you don't need to remove the carrier. We travel to Korea very often and this is the best Korean made innovation baby wearing product by far. I love it!

Mummy and baby both love it!

Really love that allow me and baby to be comfortable and cosy at the same time. Material is light weight yet smooth to touch. I can easily keep it in my diaper bag or use it as a cover for myself or baby. And most important easy to wash and maintain!

Baby fall asleep in the carrier and I truly enjoy the closeness and bonding together. Removing my baby from the carrier is easy too without disturbing his sleep. Thank u Konny Baby Carrier!

The perfect snuggly baby carrier!

It’s been just three weeks since I got my Konny baby carrier, and I’m love love lovin’ it! I no longer get sore arms and wrists from carrying my chubby baby because the carrier evenly spreads out her weight :) I also love that it is so light and portable, such a joy to bring around! My baby used to hate being carried by ANY carrier, until I tried Konny Baby on her... she was calm & quiet in an instant!

Perfect Carrier for Me and My Bub

I used to wear another baby wrap/carrier which was very similar to Konny. I packed it as soon as I got my Konny. It is the easiest and most comfortable carrier I’ve used so far. It’s perfect for my 3-month old daughter. She calms and sleeps as soon as she gets in Konny.

I would like to note also that I contacted Konny via IG and the staff responded quickly and was very helpful.

I’m thinking of getting another one if not for the high shipping cost to Australia.

So handy for trip use ❤️

Highly recommended to my friends for both daily use and during trips to other countries with their babies.

I took Konny Baby with me to Tokyo trip as it is so handy. This was the first trip with our 1-year-old baby boy . I could carry my baby all day long so comfortably (no more lower back pain!!). My boy also fell asleep easily when using Konny Baby.

Feel so lucky I have made a good choice to buy Konny and Thank you so much for such brilliant design!


As a busy mum of three, this carrier has made life so easy! Particularly when we are on the go, in and out of the car rather than use the pram I just pop the baby in this and have my hands free for my other two. Highly recommend this carrier and have passed on details to other mums to be.

Love it so much

I love the baby carrier fit my baby and my baby is so comfortable in it! Even brought one for my friend and she love it!!!! Very easy to use too!

Lightweight and comfortable

I love Konny baby carrier as it is light, soft and comfortable. It is easy to use and my baby boy falls asleep quickly in it. I use it almost everyday at home and for our walks.

With my baby's growing weight, I don't feel heavy when carrying him in the carrier, allowing me to move around hands free effortlessly.

Best of all, it actually looks stylish and makes the process much enjoyable because it just slips on like a t-shirt without having to strap and buckle. The size fits perfectly.

I definitely recommend this to all parents!

Amazing & life-changing!

Konny is a life saviour! It is so lightweight, compact and super easy to don on! No more bulky carriers to bring out, no more tough to buckle/release straps. Ever since I started using Konny, I noticed my 3-month-old baby falling asleep soundly very easily. Konny is not only comfortable for the little one, but also to mummy or daddy too! The fact that Konny can be used from birth till 20kg saves the trouble of switching between different carriers throughout different growing phases of the little one. Having the weight of the baby evenly spread also greatly reduced shoulder and backaches! Konny is the best option for all mummies! Will definitely recommend to other mummies as good things are meant to be shared!