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Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 157 cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 59 kg
A warm joy in the dreary winter lockdown

During pregnancy I didn't buy a bigger jacket, but after giving birth in November my husband and I just realized that we have not prepared ourselves with a bigger jacket to walk with our baby.What we knew was to get jacket widener, but the price was almost as high as getting a new jacket, and we had to get two of those. During the searching time, my husband would wear the baby with the long material carrier and two blankets hooked and hung on the front to keep the baby's body, legs, and foot warm, it was such a hassle every time before leaving the house, sometimes it would fall on the ground too. One day I found Konny through an Instagram sponsored ad, I was not so sure and skeptical at first so I read (I think close to) all of the reviews and that made me trust the company. I saw this winter cover and thought that it is super practical and stylish at the same time. At first I wanted a beige one but it was sold out, so my husband told me to get the Sky Blue because we need a little color during this grey winter lockdown. Receiving and opening the package was like a Christmas morning (on top of fast delivery to Germany, 3 days only!), the box is beautiful and the material is so soft, the shade of powder blue is so pleasing (I think it is something that a Bridgerton would wear as well). My husband tried it on and it was so simple, hassle free, and light. I tend to feel cold during winter (in Dresden is now about 0 to 10 degree Celsius) but this cover keeps me warm over my legs too even though it is wide, oh and of course it keeps our baby warm as well. We also went during snow for a doctor appointment and the hoodie helps to repel the snow (the Pom-pom is a plus!). And who doesn't like pockets? These pockets are warmer than our jackets' pockets :) I also wear it during airing the house. All around it is a versatile item to have for postpartum parents. We are so happy to have found Konny, thank you Erin and team to create such a well thought and filled with love design. I highly recommend this winter cover and wishing to have all the colors :D (PS: We always got compliments when we are out strolling) 

Height (cm or ft): 169
Weight (kg or lbs): 67
Love IT!!!

I am very satisfied with my New Black cover. I tried IT with my 3 monts baby outside at -12 degrees celcius. IT was confortable and warm for me and my baby. I like the style. I really love IT.

Konny Size: 3XL
Height (cm or ft): 5’4
Weight (kg or lbs): 160 lb
Size up

Nice cotton carrier for babies. You need to size up if you want to use the carrier for longer period of time. I got 3xl and it fits a bit loose right now as my LO is only 2 months. As the baby grows big it will fit more snug.

Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 170
Weight (kg or lbs): 84
Super snug!

Me and my baby girl love my super snug konny! Easy to use and love having her so close to me while I do all sorts sit things in and outside the house!

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 158cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 52kg
Very Useful and helpful

I am greatly this genius design. It’s very easy to use and quick . My baby stay inside very clean . Really decoy to every parents!

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 163
Weight (kg or lbs): 58

Really liked this baby carrier!! Easy to wear

Konny Size: XXL
Height (cm or ft): 5'5''
Weight (kg or lbs): 192
Great quality! Love it.

I've been looking for a great quality baby carrier to keep my little one close to me, hands free, that was easy to use but also comfortable and good for the baby. The Konny is all of those things. The quality of the material is just amazing and the packaging is beautiful. It arrived super quickly with great instructions on what to do and how to carry your baby at each size. Can't wait to use it when my little one arrives in a few months time.
Thank you so much, Konny!

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5 ft 7
Weight (kg or lbs): 145 lbs
Good thing

The konny is a very good thing for all the parents who need them arms to do something else

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 172
Weight (kg or lbs): 68

Great matertial, so comfortable, so easy to use, and fit both me and my husband. Thank you Konnybaby for this amazing product!

Konny Size: XXL
Konny Baby Carrier - Pink

I loved it very much! The material is very soft and the pink colour is very nice for my baby girl. I find it hard to carry my baby while I am working at home, plus my baby is sort of intuitive (she knows when I put her on her bed and walk away to do housechores). Thus, using this carrier just ease a lot of things for me. Thank you Konnybaby for this amazing product!

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5ft 8
Weight (kg or lbs): 70kg
Great for hot weather

My baby is 10 weeks old and I had previously been using another carrier but he would get really hot in it and wake up really uncomfortable (I live in a hot country). I ordered the summer Konny as I was looking for breathable thin material. It arrived last week and both he and I love using it! He doesn't get hot and the shape of the carrier is so supportive that he feels light to carry and doesn't fall down. He also sleeps in it for a long time! I bought a large and fits great.

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5’5”
Weight (kg or lbs): 135
Perfect for Anywhere, Anytime of Year

As a military spouse and living far away from any friends or family I spend a lot of time alone with my baby. I was looking for a carrier that could give me a free hand, work from newborn to toddler, one I could use solo, and one that Baby would be comfortable and happy in. I started out with a newborn baby carrier that had straps and buckles but it wasn’t very comfortable for my baby and it had to be adjusted every time I put it on. I saw an ad for the Konny and I went ahead and ordered the summer in beige.

The Konny seemed too tight at first (5’5” 135lb ordered M Konny), but once I read through the instructions it was much better. It was still snug but after I carried baby a few times, I got more skilled at settling baby into it, it stretchy a tad, and baby got used to it. I prefer this carrier over any other I tried. My baby is 5 weeks old and I still hold her head with one hand while she’s awake and looking around. Once she is calm or sleeping I can place the fabric so her head is tucked in and it doesn’t fall out but she has ample room to breathe. She even has room to move her arms and hands up to her face, but she still feels secure. I started using it when she was 7.5 lbs.

It ticks all my boxes plus some; gives me free hands to use around the house and in public, cooling fabric so baby and I don’t get hot and sweaty (perfect for South Carolina), cute design, never needs adjusting since there’s no buckles or lengthy fabric to wrap up, super fast and easy to put on and get baby situated, easy to pack and transport, grows with baby, baby is always happy and calms down right away in it, and it’s a sure way to get baby to sleep when she’s tired.

I definitely want to order one for my husband, with the limited amount of time he is able to be home from his job in the Army we want him to be able to hold and bond with baby as much as possible. Sometimes she is only happy in this carrier so it will be nice for daddy to get his own Konny so he can hold her even more. Our pediatrician said that the warmth from me on her belly while in the carrier helps her gassy tummy feel better, similar to how a heating pad helps adult tummy’s feel better. I think that’s one reason why baby is so happy in it.

The hardest part about ordering another is deciding which one since there are so many cute colors and patterns!

Konny Size: XXL
Height (cm or ft): 170 cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 85

Best purchase ever!! Really comfy and easy to use! Really good quality, got it really fast! So really happy

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5’3
Weight (kg or lbs): 138 postpartum
Cozy Summer carrier

This carrier is one of the more simplistic carriers out there, what led me to this carrier was that it was pre-done, all you need to do is, slip on and put baby inside. I did not want long strings that I would trip over nor did I want a bulky carrier, I also like how the branding is simple. I will say I struggled with sizing. According to others my size they were a small. I ordered a small but when baby arrived it was way too snug. It was a hassle trying to get my screaming, wiggly baby into a tight carrier. Luckily, Konny allowed me to exchange and I am now wearing a medium. I am 5’3, current weight is 138 pounds, 10lbs to lose, I have a 7 1/2 pound baby, my breast size is 34D.

I will also add, that it takes practice. I watched the video 5times, and needed help for the first 5 tries. But again, I have a baby who loves to have stiff legs and arms that fly so needing help was me being cautious.

Once she’s inside, I start to vacuum and she’s out for the next 30min. :)

It’s a very cozy carrier for around the house. I would not use this carrier on a hike though as there isn’t shoulder mobility. Being that the shoulders are covered I can’t extend upward.

Lastly, what I do love most is that it’s perfect for an infant size, they are as snug as a bug while others it feels like your baby will slide out from the sides or that it may hurt their little hips. I can’t wait to put her forward facing, I know she’ll love it.

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5’10”
Weight (kg or lbs): 150
Beyond Expectations

I was so happy to find the Konny. So easy to put on and get my baby in and out. She loves it. Doesn’t make a peep and is able to fall asleep.

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 160
Weight (kg or lbs): 70
Blue Gingham

My baby loves the konny. Will sleep in it once he’s tired.

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 160
Weight (kg or lbs): 56
Fashionable comfy carrier

Received my Konny 11 days after purchase. Waited long but it was all worth it. Material is soft, breathable and super comfy! The carrier is a lifesaver! With Konny my baby can snuggle in and fall asleep comfortably. Now I can carry my little one all day long while doing house chore without pains and tired arms, shoulders and back! My baby is super fussy and cranky when she is sleepy. Miraculously she instantly settle down and falls asleep few minutes after I put her in it.

Hoping to get another one as the weather here in Malaysia is quite hot and I wasn’t aware that there was a summer collection as my husband help me to purchase.

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 155cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 46kg
Super comfy

There is no other carrier that is as comfortable as konny! So easy to use,light weight and handy. For a mother of 4. This is so far the best carrier i have ever bought. Convenient to use and baby can easily fall asleep in it.

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 158
Weight (kg or lbs): 73
Highly recommend

For a mum of a new born and hyper active toddler, this carrier came as a blessing to take care of both my kids at the same time and not having the guilt to miss out on one. Highly recommend to all the parents who need to multi task. I had bought the striped carrier and the material was bit thick for Singapore weather. Mesh kind would have been right for our humid weather

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5ft
Weight (kg or lbs): 180
Love love love!!

Absolutely beautiful product! Arrived very quickly and my daughter loves it! Very easy to use.

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 168cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 72kg
Cute carrier for mummy

My boy is 7.2kg, it s just perfect to fit him in with L size. The size guide is accurate measurement.
The design is lovely and adorable , super love it! Cannot way to bring him to do shopping after COVID-19

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 5 3
Weight (kg or lbs): 8 stone
Wearing baby well

The best baby carrier I have used. After not experiencing the best carriers previously with my first child I have up. After seeing konny baby and researching this is by far the best carrier. Fits perfectly and is amazing quality. My husband wants one too...

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 165cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 55kgs
Very impressed

Amazing quality, fits perfectly, incredibly easy to put on and shipping was super quick!

Konny Size: XXL
Height (cm or ft): 4 ft 10 inches
Weight (kg or lbs): 190 lbs
Easy and comfy

I will be honest. I was second guessing the sizing chart. But decided to go with the recommended size. It fits perfectly and it's so easy to wear and be comfortable. My daughter loves it and falls asleep within minutes.

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 168cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 67kg
Very comfy!

Very comfy and flattering fit. Slimming while still looking pregnant haha. I got size M which fits a bit large on me (168cm, 67kg at 30 weeks pregnant).