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Konny Baby Carrier – Charcoal
Erin Marie (Vancouver, CA)
Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 5’7
Weight (kg or lbs): 180
Amazing experience from start to finish!

The customer experience was definitely the best part of ordering from Konny. I got the right size I needed with help from their guide, the email communication from ordering to delivery was personable and perfect timing, and it got delivered so quickly! The packaging and product itself is an amazing quality, feels like both the packaging and the product was made specifically for me, and that is amazing! Couldn’t recommend this product and company enough! I feel like buying more because of how smooth the whole customer service experience was.

Konny Size: XXL
Height (cm or ft): 5’5
Weight (kg or lbs): 195
Amazing product

I was very excited to purchase this carrier. I’ve tried a few and this is the most comfortable off all that I have tried.

Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER – Light Grey
Emily Branch (Chattanooga, US)
Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 5’4
Runs VERY small

These seem great, but are very small and have no stretch. Definitely follow the size guide and maybe even size up from there. Originally ordered a medium and it was tiny. I reordered a XL and am waiting to see if it fits better.

Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER – Beige
Teodora Coca (Harrow, GB)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 166
Weight (kg or lbs): 60

I am a mum of two. My oldest baby is 2 and I still use the buggy so this konny baby wrap was the perfect solution to be able to go out with my two baby either for shopping or just for a walk.
I choose the summer collection konny and is just perfect for this warm days, baby loves to stay there all day if possible
Size fit just perfect 👌 very easy to put on and the best is that I don’t feel any back pain

Konny Baby Carrier – Beige
Kirsten (Manchester, GB)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5ft 6
Weight (kg or lbs): 9.13
Konny saves sanity

I can recommend Konny carriers to anyone. I came across the Konny sling on Instagram and was drawn to the fact it was partly put together already. I have always been put off slings as they look far too complicated for me. The konny is so easy and quick to put on.
My baby loves to be held all the time. I have only had the Konny a week and I have been able to get back on top of life. Cleaning, washing, actually cooking a nice meal for once! Meanwhile my baby girl is happy close to me. Also it has been great to get her to sleep and once she is in a deep sleep I am able to put her down in her cot. Something I struggled with before.
I bought a size M which is good however, I think perhaps a large would have been a better fit for me.
I love the fact there are different colours and designs - you can coordinate your Konny with your outfits :)
Shipping to UK was really quick!
Thank you xxx

Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER – Charcoal
jade robinson (Canberra, AU)
Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 167
Weight (kg or lbs): 56kg
Amazing carrier

So glad I got a konny, it's so easy to put on and get baby in and out of, it's very comfortable and with the sash it gives extra support. My 8 week old loves it and is asleep within minutes.
I originally bought a S as recommended but ended up getting another in a L as the S was too tight
The Konny is the Best carrier and highly recommended

Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER – Mocha
Tere Wong (Shatin, HK)
Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 158
Weight (kg or lbs): 45
Size too small

I bought recommended size S, too small for my 5kg baby.

Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 161cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 56kg
Size too small

Recommended size is S, I took size M but it is still too small to fit my 4kg newborn. It is very hard to get the baby in and out.

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 162
Weight (kg or lbs): 58
Close fit

I bought one of these for me (mum) and my OH liked how it fit me and LO was so close and comfortable, we could do skin to skin while doing other things. He tried the carriers we had bought but they were too bulky for day too day activities around the house so I bought him a konny, so now we both have one! :)
Although we followed the size guide, I would say the fit isn’t quite as good with his, they are designed for a female build/shoulders but it’s still good and does the job he wanted! I have a small and he has a large.
We are both struggling with head positioning in the sling at the moment still as LO is so small and not got good head control yet.l so it’s not completetly hands free yet.

Konny Baby Bib
Yvonne Kong (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Konny Size: XL
Unique Bib

One of its kind, a design suitable for baby to toddler. Regardless of hot & humid weather in Malaysia, I have been using it for day & night. Awesome material comfortable to even sleep through the night!

Konny Baby Carrier – Charcoal
mary lesyk (Delta, CA)
Konny Size: M
Easy to use!

I have 2 other carriers that i used for my first born, but when I had my second, I wanted something that was easy to take on and off my small frame. The other carriers were difficult to put on, adjust and remove with baby. This konny is perfect for me! Baby loves being close and it allows me to take it off so easy with no straps to loosen. I’d recommend this to any first time mommy!!

Konny Baby Carrier – Mint
Jessica (Edmonton, CA)
Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 158cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 58kg
Extremely fast int'l shipping and great product

My baby was born too small to fit in the "newborn" baby carrier that I already owned so I considered ordering a Konny. The only thing that made me hesitate placing an order was the fact that it's getting shipped from Korea and I live in Canada, so I was worried about delayed shipment. I placed the order on a Friday in Canada which would be Saturday in Korea, and to my surprise, I got it delivered to my porch on the following Tuesday!!!
The fabric is so soft and nice, I wouldn't be worried about it getting in direct touch with my baby's skin. It's very lightweight, of course, and most importantly, my baby loves it! Even when he gets fussy or cranky, he calms down the moment I put him in it and falls asleep most of the time. Yes, it does stretch over use, but shrinks back to the original size after each wash. I would definitely recommend this product to any mom who needs a baby carrier.

Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER – Mocha
Katherine P (Stittsville, CA)
Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5'8''
Weight (kg or lbs): 150
Love it!

I love my Konny Baby carrier - my newborn falls asleep in under 10 minutes and its so much easier to put on and take off as opposed to a traditional wrap. The lightweight material keeps us both cool! I use it every day. The recommended size was very accurate!

Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER – Peach
Marika Maris (Panama City, US)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5’1
Weight (kg or lbs): 124
You won’t regret it to buy one!!

OMG, as soon I put her in konny baby she passed out! I swear this konny baby has sleep dust for babies to sleep. I wore it around in the house, and on the beach too! I was worried she would get so hot in it but nope! It kept her cool, plus it has UV protection that’s best part! It’s easy to put it in and don’t hurt your back, I have back and fractured issues. It’s really help my back without hurting. I love everything about this konny baby! I wish I could have got one when I had my first born baby boy in 2015.

Konny Baby Carrier – Charcoal
Giannina Yauques (Woodbridge, CA)
Konny Size: L
Seems good quality

Didn’t get to try my konny yet because I believe the sizes aren’t very accuarate and mine fit very small. I order M like all my clothes are and didn’t work. The return process was pretty tedious so I decided to give it away as a present and order another one size L this time 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hopefully next one fits. Very high expectations with this product. It seems to be a good quality and good fabric. Let’s see how it goes..

Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER – Charcoal
Dianni Ab Samad (Singapore, SG)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 153cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 60kg
Worth buying!

Fuss free, light..super comfortable..my son loves this more than the baby carrier. He doze off very fast and comfortably sleeps in for hrs. I was amazed he didnt struggle as he would always be if he was in the baby carrier. Also, i love this Konny as i dont need to spend time on my wrap tying etc...this konny really saves my time, super easy to use and its convenient wearing it at home, doing the chores etc. And the material is breathable.. no back pain for wearing long hrs, and just love how it doesnt stretch badly after certain time..overall.. its worth buying and its a must have for every mum.

Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER – Mint
Zoe Tsang (Tseung Kwan O, HK)
Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 160cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 65kg
it’s great.

it’s great. no more back-pain was felt when i am using it to hold my girl. it’s breathable when i am using in summer. my baby sleeps well when i use the carrier to hold her.

the recommend size is really fit.

Konny Baby Carrier – Charcoal
Karan (Melbourne, AU)
Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5.3
Weight (kg or lbs): 67
Love Konny Baby!!

Ordered konny baby recently when my 2month old wanted to be held in arms most of the day. I was having severe backache as the baby weight was increasing too. Konny baby came to me as a blessing and relief to my back ache. My baby would fall asleep really quick, slowly I am able to get my baby to a sleep pattern too. Thanks Konny baby for the comfort and relief you provide :)

Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER – Peach
Raiza Matheis (Frankenthal, DE)
Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 1.76cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 74kg
A must for Papa as well

My husband is always jealous whenever I put our baby on my Konny cause it would not fit on him, so got him one too. The happiest Papa in Germany 🇩🇪 and now that is one stylish Papa.

Konny Baby Carrier – Grey
Ally Magana (Los Angeles, US)
Konny Size: XXL
Love Love Love

I was looking for a carrier for my 2 month old and SO glad I came across Konny! I had been using a baby bijorn and it was just so uncomfortable with not much back support. Konny has been a game changer. My little one LOVES being in the Konny and falls asleep within minutes. The back support is great; I can be wearing it for hours without any discomfort. Highly recommend!

Konny Baby Carrier – Charcoal
Lauren (Atlanta, US)
Konny Size: XL

Such a comfortable carrier! It’s perfect!

Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER – Light Grey
Jillian Gallivan (Winthrop, US)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5’2
Weight (kg or lbs): 140
Best carrier ever!

I am so glad I chose the summer konny carrier for my baby. It is lightweight, breathable and super easy to use! I had one of those super long carriers that you have to tie every which way. I will not go back, konny for the win!!

Layered Nursing Top Set
Sarah T (Edmonton, CA)
Konny Size: XS
Height (cm or ft): 5’3
Weight (kg or lbs): 120lbs
Beautiful but big

Nice tunic style top. Fabric is soft and if quality. I like the mesh detail and found a use for it 😉
But even the small size is too big - long and wide. I wish it came in extra small.

Konny Baby Carrier – Black
Aly Greig (Oyster Bay, AU)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 160
Weight (kg or lbs): 63

We love our Konny Carrier! It has been a lifesaver in helping settle bub and keep her calm while allowing me to go about my day. It's comfortable to wear, the fabric is soft and light and unlike some other carriers, it's easy to use. Our order arrived within a few days (even though we are located in Australia) and the exchange process (as I initially ordered the incorrect size) was easy and quick. Would definitely recommend the Konny Carrier and will be purchasing them as gifts for my pregnant friends in the future - the hardest decision is deciding which colour to get!

Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 5.4
Weight (kg or lbs): 13stone5
The konny baby carrier

I can’t get enough of my konny baby carrier. It’s the easiest carrier and I am so happy I found this carrier as it saves so much time putting on, unlike those that you have to wrap around you faff about with clips etc. The konny is nice and light comes with a carry bag which you can clip on to the buggy if you have a buggy clip or can easily fit in your baby bag. You really won’t be disappointed if you ordered yourself a konny. also I am from the uk and this came in under a week I was really chuffed and you can track the whole step of you order and it even came a day before it said which was a bonus.