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Just simple comfort.

No more straining. No more clunkiness.

Showing them the way.

By caring for them each and every day.

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Award-winning Wearable Baby Carrier

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Whether you’re a first-timer or seasoned mom, Konny Mom’s Wear is designed to perfectly complement the unique needs of motherhood. Enjoy a blend of style and functionality while tending to your baby with ease.

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Best Carrier Ever

I have tried wraps and buckled carriers but nothing was really comfortable. Sometimes the baby just can’t wait that extra 60 seconds it takes to put those carriers on. Konny carrier is so easy to get on and I can get the baby in within seconds. He calms down so quickly in the carrier and I can have my hands back for everything else I need to do. Since Konny carrier is so soft and thin, I can easily fit a jacket outside of it.


United States


Regret not buying any earlier

My baby is very much attached to me, and it can be difficult to manage my task daily. However with Konny, it is so easy and convenient to wear your baby while doing some quick chores not just at home and of course,wherever you need to be too! You barely feel any weight since the Konny is so well designed. My baby fell asleep in it almost immediately when I put him in my Konny. I’ll definitely recommend this to other parents, especially first time parent. I wished we bought this earlier!




Breathable - Especially for Florida

I ordered this because we live in florida where its stifling all year round it seems. I bought this to try it out - from the moment I opened the package up I fell in love. This is by the easiest baby wearing product out there. It's so incredibly easy to put your baby in, especially when you're alone. Its comfortable, it breathes and the fabric feels so exquisite on the skin. Since having the baby, this is the best thing I could of asked for. I'm able to get chores done around the house, cook or water my plants!


United States


Ready-to-wear wrap carrier

I tried out B*** and M*** and I don't know why the heck do they have long yards of fabric making it hard to use while you're out - how do you wrap and unwrap these things in a public toilet? In comes Konny! EASY TO USE even for first-timers. And the material is PERFECT for our weather! Konny's is airy and breathable, and it comes with a cute tiny pouch making it easy to carry around.

Hani B.



Best purchase for a working mom!

Konny has made my life so much easier! The Australian summer can reach over 40 degrees which makes other carriers to hot to use. Konny summer is breathable, lightweight and it allows me to always keep my baby close, even during meetings. It also looks pretty good on which is a plus.




Well-thought & well-designed

I’ve been raving about my konny baby carrier to everyone I meet ever since I got mine. It has done wonders to my life, handling a clingy newborn and an active toddler. It helps me calm my newborn immediately the moment I wrap him in the konny carrier. And he falls asleep so easily in it without any fuss. It’s so light and small that it fits nicely into my handbag. I’ve used it in different occasions - at the farm, in the swimming pool, in the shopping malls, at home etc. Konny carrier is a well-thought and well-designed product !



The Konny Advantage

As a mom, you only want the best for your little one. That’s why our Konny Baby Carriers offer all-encompassing value that you can trust. With antibacterial fabric, high-strength thread, and ergonomic hip-healthy support, our baby carrier provides safety and security.

While your baby is soothed to sleep, you can enjoy a moment of peace without pressure points or straining from this hands-free baby carrier. While evenly distributing your baby’s weight, you’ll feel supported every step of the way.