Light Summer Top & Pants Set
Light Summer Top & Pants Set
Light Summer Top & Pants Set
Light Summer Top & Pants Set
Light Summer Top & Pants Set
Light Summer Top & Pants Set
Light Summer Top & Pants Set
Light Summer Top & Pants Set
Light Summer Top & Pants Set
Light Summer Top & Pants Set
Light Summer Top & Pants Set

Light Summer Top & Pants Set


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A chic top and pants set that is breathable and makes your body slender.

  • CHIC FOR SUMMER: This set gives ample space for the upper body and defines slender legs. Side slits at the top give extra freedom. As our winter version was so popular, we reproduced it in this summer form by changing the fabric. Its minimalistic design makes it a perfect street dress: no one will know unless you tell!
  • STYLISH DESIGN: The floating light material does not cling to your body and so will make it easier to do your housework in comfort. Soft and non-clinging material makes you feel comfortable. 
  • PREMIUM FABRICS: Premium natural fabrics: Modal 75%, Tencel 25%, Soft and non-clinging material makes you feel comfortable/ Absorbs sweat, and has outstanding ventilation that keeps you feeling fresh. Stone-washed finish gives attractive vintage coloring.
  • COMFY HOMEWEAR: Half-length sleeves that show slender arms make it easier to do housework. Even suitable for greeting guests and perfect as a street dress.
  • FRESH FEELING: Absorbs sweat, and has outstanding ventilation that keeps you feeling fresh
  • Color: Black/ navy/charcoal/beige (4 colors)
  • Size: Small / Medium / Large (3 sizes)

Baby Carrier US AU/UK JP
XS 2 6 7
S 4 8 9
M 6 10 11
L 8 12 13
XL 10 14 15
XXL 12 16 17

You should choose the size of the Konny baby carrier based on your size, not based on baby’s age by months or weight.

  • Please check the size chart for shirts prior to placing an order, as people with the same height and weight may have different body shapes.
  • If you wonder if it is okay to be a bit tight when you first wear it with your baby in the carrier, you have found the right size for you. A larger size may cause discomfort as the baby would be placed too low on the body.
  • Think of it as putting your baby in a tight T-shirt. The fabric gets stretched in accordance with the increase of baby’s age of months. So please be sure to choose the right size from the beginning.
  • Normally, mothers gain about 10-20kg during pregnancy and gradually lose weight after delivery. The pace of postpartum weight loss differs for every woman. But generally, it seems to take less than about 100 days for many to recover with only 3-5kg left until getting back to the pre-pregnancy weight. The body size right after giving birth is approximately one size larger than the size of pre-pregnancy, due to the leftover baby weight and swollen breasts.
  • So, it would be better to choose the size for current weight if you plan to wear it right after delivery. As we boast a long lifetime of the product, choosing the size for the pre-pregnancy weight would also be a good choice to make. But if the weight difference remains over 10kg even after the puerperium, please choose the larger size.

Q. Do I need to purchase a larger size when the baby grows up?

As the baby’s weight increases, the fabric containing spandex stretches accordingly. Therefore, you should purchase the tight enough size from the beginning to use it in a same fit when the baby grows up.

Q. Can mom and dad share the carrier?

Parents won’t be able to share the carrier, unless their sizes are the same. If you purchase the product in accordance with one parent’s size, the other parent may experience discomfort; if you purchase about the middle size for both parents, both may experience discomfort. Try buying one in accordance with the size of one parent. If the baby enjoys the time in the Konny baby carrier, then consider making an additional purchase.

Q. As a dad, how can I choose the size?

For men, a person who is 178cm tall, weighs 71kg and with a chest size of 90cm, normally wears Large (L). Some of those who are shorter or lighter say Medium (M) fits them nicely. If you put on some weight around your waist, are taller than 180cm or have a bigger upper body, we recommend that you choose Extra Large (XL). You can find more reference images for a dad below.

Please send us an email ( if you have more questions regarding the size. Make sure to include answers to the questions below.

1) How long have you been from your delivery?
2) Your current height, weight, clothing size (shirt)
3) Your pre-pregnancy height, weight, clothing size (shirt)

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