Product Details

Nursing wrap around two-piece dress made with only the best features of nursing long-johns.

This is a two-piece product that includes a nursing one-piece tank top dress and a shirt. We’ve added only the best features of the nursing innerwear line. The upper shirt covers your cleavage. It’s feminine and neat. Cotton-modal-spandex mixed fabric gives extra softness.

The best part of our nursing innerwear is that no buttons are needed. You can take out your breast immediately. I couldn’t find another outfit more comfortable than the nursing innerwear so I ended up wearing the nursing innerwear for a very long time. But although it was convenient for nursing, there was no way for me to cover my cleavage and also get away from the spaghetti strap style. It was quite inconvenient how I had to change my clothes every time a guest came to our house. So I took only the strengths of the nursing innerwear and revised the weaknesses. The final product was something quite neat and feminine. Since it’s a combination with a two-piece dress and shirt, it’s quite convenient.

Creator's Note

When I’m designing for the new mumswear line, I frequently remember the shock and sense of defeat from wearing these nursing outfits with zippers hanging everywhere. I really didn’t want to wear these cheap outfits that designed to last for only a short period of time. That’s when I decided I wanted to design a nursing outfit that people can wear casually even after their nursing is over. Function did not have to come before form just because a woman became a mum. I wanted to show the world that when you design to make something the wearer can wear with pride and dignity in any occasion, you can truly make something beautiful.


Cotton-modal-span, also known as ‘comfort fabric’. It’s soft and highly stretchable that the immediate feeling you get when you wear this is absolute comfort. You can be at ease when baby rubs her/his face against the fabric while breast feeding. Its gradable against lint so quite easy to care for. It’s a fabric made for all 4 seasons with a thickness just right for homes with babies.

Wrap-around two-piece dress and shirt

The light grey long skirt accompanied by the long-sleeve shirt gives it a neat and whole look. There’s no need to change my outfit even when I meet my neighbors or when I have visiting guests. When my nursing period is over, I can wear the top and bottom outfit separately. It’s quite useful in many occasions.

Wrap-around type openings designed optimally for nursing

No need to unbutton or unsnap, just simply lift and unwrap. Just like the nursing inner-wear, we’ve added a thin band on the inner lining of the breast area. It doesn’t stretch and is highly elastic.

Ankle high lengths that covers your swollen legs

The length of this product lies between the calves and ankles. It is about 5~7cm longer than the button up one-piece flair dress and nursing snap one-piece dress. (Model pictured is 159cm tall) It is a length that fully covers your still swollen legs and is long enough that you don’t need to wear separate pair of leggings.Thanks to the slightly lengthened length it is that much more feminine and neat looking.