Product Details

Takes only a second to begin nursing using the snaps! Snap open when baby starts crying.

Made from a super soft cotton, modal, spandex fabric blend, this collarless oversized shirt fits like a dress that its comfortable and yet neat to wear. We’ve also added a practical pocket.

"This is hands down the best snap down maternity dress I have ever worn."

"This snap nursing function is flawless."

"I can’t wear other maternity dresses ever since I wore this one."

These reviews are from customers that have been using the famous ‘snap nursing dress’. The snap one-piece nursing dress already had such high satisfaction that we decided to make one for all 4 seasons emphasizing only its strengths.

The cotton, modal, spandex fabric blend not only feels good on the skin the moment you wear it, but baby can safely rub their face against it. The overfit dress stylishly covers your slightly overweight postpartum body and it makes sure your inner-wear does not show even when you squat to change diapers.

It is designed with a length that slightly covers your knees making it the ideal length for when you’re taking care of your baby and doing chores around the house. We’ve also added a pocket to the one-piece dress for your convenience. 

Creator's Note

I remember when I was first working on designs for mum’s clothes and trying on different outfits in the market. I remember the shock and embarrassment seeing these outfits with unappealing zippers hanging everywhere. I really didn’t’ want to buy and wear these cheaply made nursing clothes that were designed as though no one cared. And so I made my own designs with the intent to make lasting clothes that could be worn even after nursing. I don’t believe that function always needs to come before form just because it’s a nursing outfit. I wanted to show the world that when you design to make something the wearer can wear with pride and dignity in any occasion, you can truly make something beautiful.


Cotton-modal-span, also known as ‘comfort fabric’. It’s soft and highly stretchable that the immediate feeling you get when you wear this is absolute comfort. You can be at ease when baby rubs her/his face against the fabric while breast feeding. Its gradable against lint so quite easy to care for. It’s a fabric made for all 4 seasons with a thickness just right for homes with babies.


Opening for Nursing

Takes only a second to reveal your breast, simply unsnap when baby starts to cry. We wanted to save you the time for even unbuttoning. This is a customized nursing outfit with partings that open all the way down to the lower chest.


A simple and chic design made to look like a one-piece dress shirt. We designed the neck to look like a collarless one-piece dress rather than have the stitches look like a t-shirt cut. In sewing terminology, we use a stitching method called ‘combi’ but it’s a difficult method that requires a lot of patience and time that its usually not popular among seamstresses. But thanks to this method it has an extra chic and elegant look unlike most other daily wears. We added the snaps for function but it surprisingly went well with the fabric and even became a design feature.



Long yet thin sleeves designed for mums that are often cooking. The best room temperature for newborns are at 22-223 degrees Celsius but most mums will find this temperature slightly cold. As the saying goes, it’s best to keep the body warm up to the baby’s first hundred days. I’ve tried wearing cardigans and also long-johns to keep in line with this saying but finally I found that nothing beats long thin sleeves. No need for over layering. This one outfit is enough for all situations.


A little lower than the calves are the perfect length for child caring. Before we launched our mums wear line we conducted a survey on our official Instagram page to ask mums which length they found to be the most convenient for child caring. We received around 500 responses and the outstanding consensus was for the length right below the calves. If the dress length is too long then the bottom hem often became wet when kneeling to wash the  baby. With this length it’s possible to squat and still not reveal any innerwear and at the same time cover your knees so it doesn’t get cold. It’s the best length for caring for your child.


Color - Black

Color - Charcoal

Color - Deep Pink

Color - Cocoa