#5 Delightful packaging that uplifts your mood

#5. The story behind: making of Konny
Delightful packaging that uplifts your mood

Many things have changed after childbirth. But among them, the biggest difference would definitely be the fact that the center of my life and spending patterns have shifted from myself to my baby. I used to spend money on what I wanted to wear, eat or use, but now I shop for diapers, baby snacks, baby innerwear and toys. Not to mention, I became super close with the delivery person from large retailers who stops by almost daily to deliver my package.

Shopping used to be a fun activity before childbirth. My expectations and attitude towards shopping have totally changed after I started to only buy baby essentials like diapers and detergents instead of unnecessary items for my own pleasure. I needed to get them as quickly and safely as possible. Once I received the package, I didn't take the time to enjoy or appreciate the packaging but immediately ripped the wrapping paper into pieces. (I just couldn't afford the spare time for packaging…) But at some point, I realized I wasn't enjoying shopping anymore, as it turned into yet another chore as a mom.

When the time came to ponder the product packaging, I realized that the change in shopping behavior that I encountered after childbirth would not be unique to myself. ‘Other moms would also feel more accustomed to apathetically tearing colorful wrapping papers filled with animated characters and shopping as if they’re clearing their to-do list.’ That’s how I began to design the packaging that was intended to give more joy to our consumers. I wanted to uplift their mood when they opened the package with delightful packaging, and I wanted to leave a note that could be comforting to those who were tired of busy childcare.

First, I made a cute pouch that anyone would love to carry around.

Keeping strings to one side looked prettier but this got dropped; moms have no time to tie a ribbon

I came up with the idea to apply packaging usually reserved for a beautiful scarf or a kitchen cloth.

When I sent the picture on the left, my designer made me one on the right, sighing…

And on the back side, which consumers would most likely see last when they open the packaging, I wanted to leave a heartfelt thank you note to all moms and dads. Something that was okay to miss, but would make one happy if noticed.

As I went through pregnancy and childbirth, I realized childcare was truly something more important or rewarding than anything else in the world. Despite the unparalleled importance of raising a child, the world was simply taking childcare for granted as if it was a mere share of labor parents ought to carry. Childcare was indeed joyful and rewarding, but at the same time, lonely and weary. So I wanted to tell them they were doing the most important work in the world, and that I knew how hard parenting was. I wanted to leave a thank you note to share sincere recognition of their hard work, rather than giving them a great deal of comfort.

So these are the final version of Konny’s special packaging.

And on the box, I color-printed and attached a sticker that read, “Baby is sleeping”. From my firsthand experience, I knew exactly how mothers would feel when the doorbell rang after barely managing to let the baby fall asleep. Although I didn’t think this little sticker would be noticed by every delivery person, I thought it would be still meaningful if seen by one.

"Baby is sleeping; please don't ring the bell"

And there’s gift wrapping by Konny. I thought the gift wrapping should be really special and memorable since it was not simply a birthday present but a gift to congratulate on the new addition to the family! I imagined that I was preparing a personal gift for my dear friend who finally became pregnant after years of struggle. 

I found a box and experimented with various decorative materials, putting them together for hours… After some time, I finally found a way to stylishly gift wrap the present. After deliberating how to make the recipient feel most loved and touched by the gift, I placed a hand-written fetal nickname inside where it can be seen as the box is opened.

At first, it took around 30 minutes to gift wrap. When I became more familiarized after numerous practices, it still took me around 20 minutes. Honestly, due to the inefficiency, I may not be able to maintain this gift wrapping when my business gets bigger. But I want to keep it as long as I can. I want every first experience of Konny to be always remembered as delightful and touching.

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