Looking for the perfect baby carrier? We have a variety of baby carriers to choose from, depending on your needs. Our carriers are made of two different fabrics, available in custom (sized) and adjustable fit.

Choose the carrier that's right for you and your baby.


Choose From Breathable Mesh or Cozy Cotton fabric.

cool span Air-mesh

Konny SUMMER baby carriers are made from Cool Span Air-Mesh (polyester 87% spandex 13%). This breathable fabric offers lightweight support and its tactile qualities enhance closeness between parent and child. The Air-Mesh dries quickly after washing so it stays pleasantly cool when wearing even on hot days, keeping you both feeling fresh all day long

If you want a baby carrier in Cool Span Air-Mesh, choose SUMMER or Adjustable FLEX SUMMER Baby Carrier.


Konny's baby carriers are made with the softest, most velvety fabric around. Our Poly Cotton Span is a stretchy fabric that gently hugs your baby. The thread used in our baby carriers is directly related to your baby's safety, so we insist on using a core spun yarn for a stronger, safer carrier.

Our Original fabric is made of Polyester 62% Cotton 33% Spandex 5%. If you want a baby carrier in Original Poly Cotton Span, choose Original Solid, Original Pattern or Adjustable FLEX Baby Carrier.

size control options

Choose from custom or adjustable fit styles

Size adjustable

Konny Carrier FLEX is designed for post-partum moms going through rapid body changes and share babywearing privilege with partners. Our carrier lets you adjust straps so it can grow along with your body, making it one size fits all.

SIZE OPTION: This carrier also offers flexibility since it can be shared with other caregivers who may have different size requirements than yours-- FLEX covers XS-XL size mom and dad, while M-4XL accommodates plus size parents.

FABRIC OPTION : FLEX Original from Original fabric (POLY Cotton Span) which is buttery soft and FLEX SUMMER which made from SUMMER fabric (Cool span air-mesh) which wicks away moisture on hot days.

custom size

Original and SUMMER Konny baby carriers are uniquely designed to be comfortable and supportive for both caregiver and child.

SIZE OPTION : There are available in a range of sizes to fit your unique body needs including 2XS to 5XL, ensuring the perfect custom fit only for you.

FABRIC OPTION: Original fabric (POLY Cotton Span) which is buttery soft and SUMMER fabric (Cool span air-mesh) which wicks away moisture on hot days.