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Best carrier for a newborn!

Loving the Konny carrier, my newborn feels so secure in it. The fabric is light and breathable which great in the Australian summer!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
N.M. (Singapore, SG)
Totally Flexi

I bought Konny Baby Flexi Carrier, size M-4XL as my Husband is Tall & abit build. Its Awesome & he loves it. Finally he have a baby carrier for himself & Baby!
I am glad too that i am Medium build can share with him as & when. Tq konny baby for our convenience.

Amazing support and super Easy to use

I've been previously using a baby bjorn baby carrier, it was so handy to have around when taking bubs out for a walk or shopping. Only down size was it was as big as my nappy bag and wouldn't fit. And as bubs got heavier, the weight on my shoulders and back from the straps were beginning to cause pain. I recently bought the KONNY and have fallen in love instantly. The pain in my shoulders and back are no longer there when using the carrier. It's also super easy to put on. It did however take me a little practice to get use to no buckles and clips. And I can also fit the carrier nice and neatly into my nappy bag for easy storage. Would definitely recommend to other mums out there. I've actually had a few expectant mothers ask about the KONNY when I've been out and about. Compact, supportive, stylish and easy to use!! Love it

Konny Baby Carrier Original / SOLID
Shanon Pereira (Colchester, US)
Love it

Despite incredibly slow arrival time this carrier is wonderful. The suggested size from the questionnaire was spot on and it has already been a lifesaver! Much easier than my other wraps!

Konny Baby Carrier Original / SOLID
Mackenzie Neal (Hammond, US)
Love it

Got a konng wrap to wear when I go back to work. Very happy with it so far!

Thanks so much! :)

Fantastic purchase!

We couldn’t be happier with our konny carrier flex. Finally a carrier that is soft, comfortable for our baby and the adult carrying her, and EASY TO USE! We tried so many carriers in the past that were very complicated to use, contained endless wraps etc. This one is very straightforward and makes family walks fun again!

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Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
TRIX (Singapore, SG)
Personal favourite and perfect for gifting!

Perfect gift for new mums handling newborns (who are too small for other standard carriers), especially petite mothers like myself! My favourite has to be that it is very easy to put on without external help for hands-free purpose, without the fear of dropping or hurting a very fragile newborn. It is also very soft and comfortable for my baby, especially in a hot weather climate like Singapore. Love it so much that I bought a couple of it as gifts for other mummies too!

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Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Pauline Nguyen (Melbourne, AU)
The best carrier!

This is my second Konny carrier and I love it even more than my previous one. Light, compact, stretchy, which can fit our travel pram nicely and can be worn by both myself and my husband. Bub is curious about the world so Im very glad that he can face outward. Highly recommended!

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Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Lauren C. (Weatherford, US)
My new Favorite Baby Item!!

An all around WONDERFUL product made to last and packaged in a BEAUTIFUL box. i love the ease of use of the KonnyBaby carrier! I ordered a M-4XL. ( For size reference, I wear a size XL-2XL shirt at the moment and it fits me perfectly.) I used it for the first time at a fundraiser event. I need to be able to use both hands to complete the task at hand. My little guy fell right asleep and I got my job done with him right there with me! He slept soundly for 2 straight hours! After trying a few other carrier/wraps, this one is Hands down the best and most comfortable one I’ve found! I will be giving these as baby shower gifts for sure! Great Product!!!

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Konny Baby Swaddle Pouch
Debbie (Singapore, SG)
The best swaddle

I am in love with this Swaddle. Its very tight fitting and it keeps my baby very snug. She initially had a hard time falling asleep and always needed to be carried. Ever since we tried the Swaddle pouch, her sleeps has gotten better.

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Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Megan Helfer (Naperville, US)
Wonderful and Versatile Product

Having used a couple different baby carriers, this one is very versatile and user friendly. We love that it can be adjusted and it’s so easy to put on. Not only comfortable, but wearable for great movement and ease with baby. Will definitely be recommending to friends.

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Best $ ever spent!

What a great carrier! Comfortable and stylish.
I was using a normal cotton wrap which was really sore on my back and difficult to install properly.
The summer mesh Konny carrier I’ve bought is perfect for my 6 weeks old baby who gets hot in other carrier, he loves it and falls asleep very fast.
It’s comfortable for the both of us, I like to go for a walk, carry him when I prepare breakfast for my older daughter or settle him in the evenings.
I am thinking to buy another one as the one I got is Size M and I’d like a size L for when he gets bigger.
Great carrier! My back thanks you!

We sincerely appreciate your review and photo, Sophie! :)

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Vivian Daly (Nuremberg, DE)
Get option for a busy mom

I just had my second child and I was using a traditional wrap carrier for the first weeks, the kind that is just a long piece of fabric and you wrap and ties it around yourself. I used it with my first and it was fine but I found that it was taking too long to put on and I was out of practice and couldn’t get it to fit quite right. My lower back was killing me from wearing it. I needed something quick to put on and something that wouldn't put so much pressure on my back. Enter the Konny carrier. I really do love it. I can put it on and adjust it in maybe 30 seconds and after getting the hang of it, it’s very comfortable. I did need to look at the instructions a few times to really figure out how to get a good fit. I also took the straps out and turned them and put them back through the buckles. This makes more of a seat for my baby and I find also decreases the pressure of my back. It’s a great product and I use it all day, every day. I’m so glad I found Konny.

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Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Jessica Scott (West Kelowna, CA)
Best wrap on the market IMO

I have the Konny baby as well as a few other brands of baby wraps and this one is by far the nicest! Easiest of the bunch to use and soooo comfortable. My 2 month old also loves to be in it.

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Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Sonja Halvorson (Eugene, US)
So simple!

Love this carrier so much. It is soft, simple to put on, and my baby loves it. Much less complicated than other wraps because it has a structure. No origami or baby wrestling!

Thank you so much for your review!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Ryley Fox (Coeur d'Alene, US)
Comfort and ease!

I have tried several baby carriers and while they all get the job done, none are as easy and comfortable as my Konny! My beautiful boy is a chunk and it is easy to slip on my konny and lift him into it without a balancing act or the time of trying to wrap something around me 10 times. I love the easy adjustments as well. Where I live I could be eating a tshirt or a thick sweater so a fast adjustment is a blessing.

Thank you so much for your 5-star review!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Charlotte Gibbs (Auckland, NZ)
Love my Konny Flex

The konny flex is super comfy, super easy to use. The style is very flattering too! Very light weight & easy to use!!

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Konny Baby Booties
Wallis Whitcomb
Perfect Baby Booties

These are the perfect baby booties. They’re soft, chic, insulating, and don’t fall off. I ordered an extra pair to give as a gift. I only wish I had these for my toddler when she was a baby.

Thank you so much for your review!

Wrap Nursing Dress Set
Kat (Scarborough, CA)
Awesome Dress

I was excited for this dress especially in the burgundy and beige colourway.
Ordered it in S despite the size guide recommending M (I'm 5 feet 2 inches and ~115lb, usually a size 6 in H&M) and I'm glad that I did!

To note:
- It's definitely a casual look but manages to remain chic. The dress fits close enough to not look shapeless but it does wear loosely so it doesn't wear as close on me as the model in the photos (I have a similar body shape to the model).
- It's midi length on me which with the wider shape of the skirt and boxier fit of the shirt is not always flattering in photos/angles.
- I'm between a B and C cup (34-36 band) postpartum and definitely think that is the maximum bust size the dress can accommodate comfortably and modestly.

I would still recommend this dress as it's easy-breezy for feeding and cleaning, feels lovely on, holds up well to being washed and dried as per the instructions, versatile, and chic enough for everyday.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

Button Down Nursing Dress
Fi (Central, HK)
Love it

First Konny dress and sized down to S instead of the recommended M based on the comments. It fits well now at 7 months pregnant as a night gown. Fabric is very soft and drapes comfortablely over the bump. Will need to wear a bra underneath for modestly if guests visit but definitely plan to get a couple more colors soon to wear post birth!

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Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
K.E. (Brooklyn, US)
Made me a believer!

I typically prefer a structured carrier to a wrap, but this is the best of all worlds. Comfortable, cute, versatile, and most importantly (to a mom of 2 under 2!) EASY TO USE! Plus, the material is gorgeous and it feels like a dream snuggling a a soft little one in this soft fabric :)

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So smart!

I'm in love. This is a genius idea that acknowledges how a towel for a baby is actually used. It has all of the functionality you could as for, and it's soft and super cute!

Thank you so much for your review!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Nurul MZ (Singapore, SG)
Slip & Go!

I used to carry my bubbs in those long wraps that required me to prepare them ahead before putting my little ones on. And can you imagine a sleepy cranky baby that demands to be carried immediately only to be told to wait that few minutes for mommy to wrap it right before the little baby can be snuggled in?

With this, it saves up sooo much of my time and it's literally slip & go! Slip it on in a few seconds and slide my bubbs in it and off we go! My Konny Flex is light, compact and requires very minimal folding (unlike the long wraps), and it even comes with a pouch to keep my carrier in so it doesn't get caught up with other stuff in the baby bag. It's adjustable which is perfect coz both my husband & I could wear it. Plus, its colours are super cute and the mesh is really great for not trapping heat in Singapore's weather. And not to mention, the amount of sleepy dust it comes with? My bubbs slept for 3 hours straight in it. So, yay!

Thank you Konny for being a lifesaver! ❤️

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Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
K (Reading, US)
Beautiful carrier!

I’m in love with this baby carrier and cannot wait for my little one to be earthside to use it!

Thank you for your 5-star review!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Carolyn V (Melbourne, AU)
Best baby carrier

I bought the Konny Baby Carrier Flex in the lead up to warmer weather as my baby gets hot in other carriers - turns out that Konny carrier would end up being my favourite! It's so easy to quickly put on by yourself, get baby securely and comfortably in/out of the carrier and to tighten/loosen if needed. It's incredibly light weight and looks good also! I've recommended this to all of my friends with babies! There isn't anything negative about this carrier!!

Thank you so much for sharing this review, Carolyn!