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Konny Baby Bib
Sunok Na (London, GB)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 68cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 8.2kg
This Bibs amazing!

My baby has been using this bib for quite some time. She really likes the colorful color of the bib. She especially likes pink. And very conveniently, you can turn the dirty side to use the new side. And when she does this bib, her face is bright like a flower. so cute and lovely. I recommend this bib to everyone.

Konny Size: XS
Height (cm or ft): 5’6”
Weight (kg or lbs): 125

This carrier is sooo nice. It’s so comfy and my baby loves it. It’s easy to put on which is huge for me since I’m a stay at home mom with a toddler. It supports the baby’s body and head really well which I love. It’s also super breathable for warm days.

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Bridgette Coleman (Escondido, US)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5”6
Weight (kg or lbs): 155
Can’t wait to use

I got the Konny M-4X… I’m normally e medium but figured I’d be growing and I could share with my husband. We’re not due till April but I’ve tried it on and it’s super easy and comfortable and I can’t wait to use it!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Brittany Thomas
Height (cm or ft): 5’8”
Weight (kg or lbs): 170
Best baby purchase

I’m so happy with this purchase! Bought it after seeing an advertisement. It’s been amazing! So easy to use I can do it myself, my son loves it. If you were on the fence get it!

We bought the flex, so myself and husband can use it.

Konny Size: M
The Softest Towel Ever!!

We absolutely LOVE our towel! It is literally the softest towel ever and it keeps our little guy sooo warm after bath time. He can just hang out and be happy post bath and it makes our lives that much easier! It also dries him super quickly, which is yet another plus. Highly recommend!

Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 5’4
Weight (kg or lbs): 140
Absolutely LOVE

My baby (8wks old) did not like any carriers I’ve previously tried. I was going to give up on carries after I tried some more structured ones (baby Bjorne/ ergobaby). The Konny Baby breathable carrier is saving my life. It’s perfect for warm and cool days as my baby runs warm. This is helping me with completing household tasks and workout/go on walks, all while my baby feels secure with his mommy or daddy in this very cute, very comfortable and very practical carrier!
We absolutely love it!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Vanessa Yeung (Scarborough, CA)
Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5’10
Weight (kg or lbs): 195lbs
Extremely Happy

We bought the Konny mainly because we knew it was an Asian brand and the science behind the design was really appealing. I’m usually a little skeptical about online shopping because I don’t get the chance to feel the fabric or try it on for size in person. When they released the flex carrier, I was so happy because it just meant that me and my husband can both wear it and it made imagining what life will be like with the Konny a lot more exciting.

The package came so quick, and when we opened it up, all the little details were so cute. The wrap was packaged with minimal plastic (love that) and there’s a little quote on one of the wrappings that says “you’re doing a great job” and it’s just so reassuring.

The fabric feels SO nice and soft; and the stitching is immaculate. The back panel is not rigid, but feels really supportive. I was a little worried about the adjustable buckle area because I didn’t think it would stay in place but I really liked how sturdy they were.

I ordered the Beige in M-4XL. I’m 5’10 (195lb) and my husband is 6’2 (215lbs) and he doesn’t max out the range size, which gives me comfort.

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Jenni Dellinger (Burnsville, US)
Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 5’9”
Best carrier

I have used this carrier for 2 of my babies and love it! We have the summer one, as well as, the adjustable one and love them both. My girls have been very happy in these carriers and I love how easy they are to put on.

Top & Wrap Nursing Dress Set
Flora (Singapore, SG)
Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 160cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 54kg
The best maternity dress!

Love the color and especially the material. I've purchased maternity dresses from various brands and this is no doubt my favorite. The high waist line design is super brilliant. Love it so much and I bought two sets of different colors. ^_^

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 110cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 16kg
Love this pajama set!

Really love the material! So soft, and not too thick. The color is gorgeous too. Bought the right size and it fits my kid really well.

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Ashley Huelsbeck (Panama City, US)
Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5'6"
Weight (kg or lbs): 165 pounds
Love the adjustable wrap!!

I have purchased two wraps from Konny. One adjustable and one non-adjustable. The adjustable one is so perfect! I can loosen it or tighten it based on clothing, or if I am sitting or standing. And when my daughter gets bigger it was be even better that it's adjustable. I am confident it it's support and my daughter at 3 weeks old loves sinking into this. We go for walks or I wear her while I am at my desk working and she loves it! And so do I! Easy to put on and does not feel like I am covered in a huge blanket like some of the other wraps out there.

It's great to see you holding your baby so well with the adjustable FLEX carrier. :) Thank you so much for leaving us this review!

Konny Baby Carrier Original / SOLID
Jessica B. (Baldwin Park, US)
Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5’t
Best Carrier

Previously tried the Moby which took forever to figure out how to put on which isn’t helpful when you have a fussy baby waiting for you. The Konny goes on quickly and effortlessly while providing a secure fit For your baby.

Our baby carrier is designed to be simpler and easier to use. :) Thank you for this review!

Konny Baby Booties
M.A. (Charleston, US)
Baby Booties

Very cute and love the length which keeps them from falling off.

We hope our booties keep your little one's feet warm and cozy during this winter. :)

Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5'6 ft
Weight (kg or lbs): 157
Baby Carrier Beige

One of the best baby carriers out there, simple and sturdy after washing. I have tried several other carriers/wraps and this one hands down is the easiest to use.

Thank you very much for leaving a nice review of our product!

Konny Baby Bib
M.A. (Charleston, US)
Super cute baby bib

Aesthetically pleasing bib. Works with all my baby outfits and useful for those moments I have no wipes.

Our bib is not only cute but also practically designed as a dribble pad and bib in one. Thank you for leaving your feedback.

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Melody Y (Randolph, US)
Konny Size: L

Loved it very much! Very comfortable and easy to use. Love how everyone in my family can use it because it's adjustable.

We are happy to see that our FLEX carrier is flexibly used by your whole family. Thank you so much for leaving this review.

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Kristin B (Kingston, CA)
Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 5'6ft
Weight (kg or lbs): 125lbz
Literally perfect!

I bought this carrier for a trip down south because it would be super breathable for baby (6 weeks) and I in Costa Rica. I have to say I use it everyday now, months before our trip. I use it to be hands free grocery shopping, around the house to do chores and to walk our dog. She falls asleep in it instantly, it's super soft fabric and very comfy on my back to wear her for hours. I wanted a hybrid between my full on carrier and a wrap and this ticks those boxes. Highly recommend this to other moms on the go!

Our baby carrier is known for a travel-friendly carrier, indeed. Thank you so much for leaving this review.

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
P.M. (Burnaby, CA)
Konny Size: L
Height (cm or ft): 5.5
Weight (kg or lbs): 68
Great Carrier

I purchased this carrier for my newborn as he loves being carried. I already had a traditional wrap but I found that it took too long for me to put on when my baby is fussy. I discovered Konny and I'm so glad I purchased the flex as it gives us the feel of a traditional carrier but is so much easier to put on. Bonus that it can be worn by people of different sizes so my husband and mom can also use it!

We are grateful for this review! Thanks again for your time to leave this review!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Phoebe (Singapore, SG)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 164cm
Weight (kg or lbs): 64kg
Comfy for parents and baby

I love this baby carrier. Really glad that Konny had created a FLEX version so that both my husband and I can take turns using. Baby sleeps really soundly in the carrier which is a plus! Takes awhile to get used to this carrier but once you figure it out, all is good!

Thank you very much! We are happy to know that you and your baby love our FLEX SUMMER.

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Thai N. (Mililani Town, US)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5'4"
Weight (kg or lbs): 145
Worth it!

I initially purchased a different baby wrap that had come recommended to me by several mom friends. Unfortunately, when I used it, it was so hard to find the perfect fit. I either put it on too loose and felt my baby sliding down in it, or wrapped it too tight and it was almost impossible to get my baby in it, not to mention, it took a long time to put on, especially when you have a crying baby! I live in Hawaii, and the material of the other wrap was so hot, baby and I got uncomfortable after a short time.
I saw the konny summer flex, and was hesitant to order another baby carrier, but SO glad I did! it did NOT disappoint! I love that it takes no time to put on, I can easily get baby in, and I can adjust it for the perfect fit. I also LOVE the mesh fabric that lets my baby sleep comfortably during out hot summers. The last thing that I love about the Konny is that I'm 5'4" and my husband is 6'2", so we can both quickly adjust it to fit either one of us and as baby grows. Baby fell right to sleep the first time I used it and I was able to get some chores done and feel like my old self! I've already recommended it to several of my friends!

We are so glad for this review, Thai. Thank you for sharing this review with us.

Top & Wrap Nursing Dress Set
Janice Wassenaar (Albuquerque, US)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 4'11"
Weight (kg or lbs): 124 lbs
Obsessed with this!

The material is super soft and comfortable! I love that it looks put together without really trying. I feel comfortable breastfeeding in public if I wear this. I want one in every color. I am a size Medium after pregnancy and fits perfect. I'm also short 4'11" and it doesn't d rag on the floor! So happy.

So glad that you feel comfortable breastfeeding even in public with our nursing dress set. Thank you for leaving this review with us.

Konny Baby Apron Bath Towel (0M-3Y)
C.D. (Christchurch, NZ)
Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 165
Weight (kg or lbs): 89
Honestly such a genius product!

I cannot rave enough about this towel! My little girl Roux looooves her bath, so much so that every time we take her out, she ends up screaming and crying as we carry her around dripping wet to lay her on her usual towel. But she doesn't when we use this little magic contraption! It's so easy and no fuss, and makes the smoothest transition from the warm water to the instant comfort and warmth of my or her dad's chest.
I really love how easy it is to wrap her warm, and I was stunned at how quickly this towel dried her! By the time we laid her down, she was mostly already dried, and so happy and cooing :)
The placement of the straps is very practical and clever, and all the little details really make for a very well thought out towel. I love that Konny thought to include an extension strap for the waist for larger mamas like myself or for her dad to use, very size inclusive and thoughtful.
Finally, I have to mention how cute the little hood with the pom pom is, and the neutral colour palette, I love it!
Thank you Konny for yet another wonderful and clever product.

Through your heartfelt review along with those photos of your little one getting relaxed during/after the bath, we were able to feel how you genuinely enjoy our Apron Bath Towel. Thank you so much for sharing your experience of our product with us.

Konny Baby Carrier Original / SOLID
Taylor Hollis (Boise, US)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 5ft 4in
Weight (kg or lbs): 155
Best baby purchase!!

Our Kony was a LIFE SAVER during a visit to Seattle. We forgot the stroller but thankfully I grabbed the Kony before we left. It was so comfortable and convenient for walking around downtown Seattle and at the baseball game! No back pain, both hands available, and baby was happy the whole time! Highly recommend!!

Our baby carrier is a travel-friendly baby wrap as it is compact and lightweight. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with our product along with this cute photo!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Sarah M (Minneapolis, US)
Konny Size: S
Height (cm or ft): 5'2 1/2
Weight (kg or lbs): 135
Awesome way to snuggle babes!

Thank Goodness I found something that not only fits and is comfy for me, but my little 5 week old nugget loves being snuggled in close to her momma and can be included in day to day chores. She fits perfectly and had neck support, easy to adjust other ways and takes the pain off my shoulders and low back. Super fast shipping even from over seas, got here two days ealier than expected. Good quality and so worth the $$!

Snuggle your little one as often as you can with our FLEX carrier, as this moment will not come back again. ;) Thank you for leaving this review, Sarah.

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
D.D. (Singapore, SG)
Konny Size: M
Height (cm or ft): 169
Weight (kg or lbs): 67
Konny Carrier

Very happy with my Konny carrier. It literally bring my baby closer to me. Baby sleeps right away and soundly in this carrier. I’m very satisfied with all Konny products. I’m planning to get one more carrier that match Konny trench.
Again, really in love with Konny products as it delivers great quality with affordable price.

Thank you, Dewi for leaving this review. We will do our best to deliver better babycare products that help your babycare journey to be easier and more pleasant. :)