Size  Guidance

The Konny Baby Carrier is a product too tightly hold your baby. The fabric of carrier naturally stretches with use and as your baby becomes heavier, so it is important that you initially select the right size.

Please select the size of your Konny Baby Carrier based on your pre-pregnancy clothing size, rather than your baby's age or weight. However, if the mother's weight difference remains over 10kg (22 pounds) post puerperium, please choose a larger size. Dads should choose their normal T-shirt size.

Find Your Size


Click on the “FIND YOUR SIZE”. A survey window will pop up.


Input your height and weight, and select your body shape and your age.


Choose "Average" for the fit preference question for safety purposes and skip the question about the brands you usually wear.


Add your optimal Konny size to cart and check out. “FIND YOUR SIZE”. 

Choose the proper size of a baby carrier

Once you have received your Konny Baby Carrier, try putting it on properly. If you have space for two to three fists in between your chest and the carrier, you're good to go. Now, try holding your baby. Baby's bottom should be positioned higher than your hips but lower than your belly button.

A snug fit efficiently distributes the baby's weight, ensures safety through firm support, and reduces stress on the wearer's back.

See where the baby sits!

ㆍIf the baby sits near the wearer's belly button, it is the right size.
ㆍIf the distance between the baby’s bottom and the wearer’s belly button is more than 5cm (2 inches), please size up.
ㆍIf the baby sits as low as, or lower than the wearer’s hip line, please size down.


ㆍThe baby’s weight naturally stretches the fabric as you use the carrier.
ㆍOne size up means about 4.5cm (2 inches) longer sashes, which would lead a baby to sit about that much lower.
ㆍA snug fit is crucial for securely carrying a baby and firmly supporting the wearer’s back.

When carrying your baby after the newborn stage, be sure to spread both shoulder sashes down the bottom of the baby, all the way until the edges reach the baby's knees. If this creates the optimal "M" shape, you have found the correct size. 

If the initial fit feels a bit snug, then you have selected the correct size. Size down if the baby's bottom is positioned lower than your hips. For safety, do not wear a carrier that is too big for you.

Choosing an optimal size matters.

Do not hesitate to contact us via chat button below if the carrier you purchased does not fit correctly. You may exchange it for the right one within 30 days of receipt. Please refer to our exchange policy.

Size FAQ

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