Konny Baby Silicone Bowl & Spoon Set

ambassador call

10.14 - 10.18


Sign up and earn a chance to co-promote our BABY SILICONE BOWL & SPOON SETㅡ the 100% platinum silicone tableware for your little one.

We're looking for
8M - 18M babies

What you’ll get
1. Konny Baby Silicone Bowl & Spoon Set
2. Instagram @konny.baby feature
3. $10 discount code
**The code will be issued upon mission completion.

What you’ll do
1. Product feedback
2. Website photo review
3. Permission to utilize your images

How it works
1. We’ll announce the ambassadors on Oct 18 on Instagram. (@konny.baby)
2. The shipment will be dispatched on Oct 20.
3. Please complete the missions by Oct 28.