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Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Esha Jang (Auckland, NZ)

Love how easy it is to put on and wear. Also love that it’s adjustable, not just for my husband to wear but even just as my body changes. Baby loves as well 🥳

Konny Baby Bib
Stephanie Lee (Abbotsford, CA)
Cute and functional

These are the only bibs I use, they're just the cutest and go with everything! Plus you can't beat the antibacterial fabric!

Thanks so much! :)

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Lindsey (Charlotte, US)
Legitimately Wonderful

I just had my 3rd baby 3 months ago. We’ve tried many carriers over the years and this is the FIRST one that fits both me and my husband really well. It’s lightweight yet very supportive and secure for baby. I first saw this advertised on social media and debated ordering one for several weeks. I am so glad I finally did! It fits nice and small folded up in our baby bag. Even washing it was super easy. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who ever thought baby wearing was too much work.

Thank you Lindsey! We appreciate your review of our FLEX carrier!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Lynda (Singapore, SG)

Needs practice to get use to wearing especially for newborn method. My baby easily fall asleep when in it.

Thank you so much for this review!

Konny Baby Fleece Stroller Blanket
kailey smith (Pineville, US)
much needed car seat blanket

i could rave about all these products and how undeniably soft they are all the time! i love the quality! absolutely amazing! i love the clips/ties with these bankers because my son either likes to kick the blanket off or pull it on his face! with these clips he’s not able to do either! it’s been absolutely amazing! i couldn’t recommend this product enough!?

We are so grateful for your review! :)

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Tayla Beck (Melbourne, AU)

I have just had my first baby and this has been a game changer!
For all those moments where I just can’t put her down because she wants to be close or a quick trip at the shops this has worked perfectly.

The Flex Carrier is super easy to put on and my baby settles within minutes. She loves the snug fit and I love that I can keep her close while running errands.

This is definitely an item I will be gifting my friends when they have babies! Like I said, a must have that I now couldn’t live without.

We are so glad that you felt the FLEX carrier was a game-changer! Hope you find it helpful throughout your babycare journey, thoroughly!

Konny Baby Booties
S.G. (Yonkers, US)
Baby Fashionista

What an adorable set. Bought 4 to gift to my cousins and brother's kids. They look so fashionable and can be worn as socks or shoes. I've put them on with socks underneath and it makes for very warm baby feet 😍. It sshould be noted that the booties don't slide down like socks and baby has gotten so many compliments.

So cute! Thank you so much for sharing this review with us!

Konny Baby Carrier Original / SOLID
Rizniya Jazan (Melbourne, AU)

Hi. I’m extremely happy that I choose to buy the konny baby carrier. This made my summer holidays travelling easier as i was able to carry my baby in it and he fall asleep quickly. It was delivered fast. And I was able to get a exchange on my wrong size and refunded as soon. I recommend this konny baby carrier much.
Love from Australia 🇦🇺 ❤️

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Konny Baby Bib
man sze Wong (Central, HK)
nice rib

Got the first rib with Konny for my NB gal last year, it was nice in colour and texture. And got three new ribs at her one year old. Look and feel as good as usual.

Your little one looks so cute in our bib! Thanks for this review!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Hilary Quirion (Thunder Bay, CA)
Easiest carrier to use

I bought this carrier after seeing it advertised online. I had almost every other wrap carrier out there. I had received all as gifts and tried all of them. I had a Moby wrap and I found that one was too hard to tie and the fabric was stiff. The beluga was comfortable and fairly easy to tie but I had to completely untie to breast feed. The baby ktan was too big for me but fit my partner. I love this carrier because it’s easy to get on like the ktan but both my partner and I can use the same carrier. The fabric is very nice and soft and I do not need to tie it so it’s quick on and off. I can also breast feed with it on. This is the perfect carrier for me and my baby loves it.

We sincerely appreciate your kind review of our FLEX carrier! :D Please let us know if you need assistance with using our product anytime!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Donna Palmer (Brisbane, AU)
Easy to wear…

I had tried a couple of other carriers before deciding to get a Konny. I love it. So easy to use. I am comfortable & my baby is comfortable & happy. Took me a little bit to work out how to get him out but the YouTube videos helped with that.

Thank you so much! If you need assistance with using our product, please don't hesitate to contact us! :)

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Charlotte Dozias (Central, HK)
Great !

I love the sensation when I carry my boy in my Konny. He is always really relaxed and I love walking around with him like that.
This product is perfect, my boy is 2 month old, but I wish I had it sooner!

Thank you for sharing this review with us!

Konny Baby Winter Set (Bonnet+Booties)
Haein Lee (San Francisco, US)
Omg! Sooooo cute!

So lovely bonnet and booties. It’s good winter item.

Your little one looks so cute in the bonnet and booties! :D Thanks for this review!

Wrap Nursing Dress Set
Sunwoo Park (Melbourne, AU)
Beautiful dress and top set

This top made me easy to nursing in public. So easy and comfortable!

Thanks for the review!

Everyday Nursing Dress
Sunwoo Park (Melbourne, AU)
Best dress for nursing mum

So comfortable and easy to breastfeeding. I am highly recommended and will purchase again in different colours!

So happy that you like our dress! :)

The Simple Nursing Dress
Sunwoo Park (Melbourne, AU)
Cool and comfortable

Dress looks so elegant and cool. Moreover comfortable for nursing.

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Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Julianna Seymour (Huntington, US)
Game changer

I had the original Konny which we also love and I use as a backup, but this carrier has been a game changer. My son absolutely hated every other carrier because he is on the thinner side and would always get lost in it. I used this carrier at thanksgiving so I could partake in festivities and also limit his contact with everyone with rsv and covid going around. We are also currently going through the 4 month sleep regression so he has been fighting his naps. I wear him at multiple points throughout the day so I can cook, clean and work. Best carrier ever! I recommend it to everyone!

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with our product! Thank you so much!!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Vivian Lee (La Crescenta, US)
Baby loves it

Baby is started wanting to be held almost constantly while awake and before sleeping. This wrap helps me to have baby close to me while I get other things done around the house. The mesh material is perfect for warm LA weather and it’s nice that I can always layer up if it gets too cold.

Highly recommend!

Thank you so much for leaving this review! :)

Konny Baby Silicone Bowl & Spoon Set
Hannah Chapman (Brisbane, AU)
Best decision! My go to for every meal!

These are brilliant for mealtimes! I love the colours & design of the Konny feeding set. The spoon size and bowl shape are perfect for my one-year-old who loves self-feeding and my toddler is a big fan too!
Great suction on the bowl so less mess on the floor for me to clean 🙌🏼
I can honestly say it’s made a huge difference in keeping both kids at the table for longer because they actually enjoy eating with them. Big win!

So precious! Thank you so much for this excellent review of our Silicone Bowl & Spoon Set!

Konny Baby Winter Bonnet
Vivian Lee (La Crescenta, US)

So cute! Love it and will keep baby warm this winter :)

Thank you for sharing this review with us!

Konny Baby Carrier Original / SOLID
Vivian Lee (La Crescenta, US)
Awesome carrier

Came a day earlier and love that I can wear my baby! It’s easy to wear and frees up my hands to do whatever I need to do around the house while keeping baby close.

Thank you for this review, Vivian!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX
Danni Eggeling (Port Chalmers, NZ)
Feels like wearing nothing.

Wore for the first time with my 4 week old today. Absolutely loved it and so did she. I felt very secure and balanced. No pressure points anywhere. Highly recommend.

We appreciate you sharing this review with us. :)

Konny Baby Booties
Jessica F (Germantown, US)
Very soft and warm

These booties are so cute and soft! I like how tall they are so that it covers more of my baby’s leg to keep warm.

Thanks for the review, Jessica!

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX SUMMER
Jessica F. (Germantown, US)
Very breathable

The mesh is very breathable material and my baby doesn’t get as hot in it. It’s easy to put on and much easier to use than a baby wrap. It takes a little bit of adjusting in the beginning but after figuring out what feels comfortable, it’s easy to don. The only thing is the outer sash doesn’t stay in place. I think it’s due to the slippery mesh material and baby moving around causing it to slide down.

Thank you for the 5-star review!

Konny Baby Apron Bath Towel (0M-3Y)
maggie mao (Singapore, SG)
soft towel

I like konny items. I purchased more than 10 bibs and the bib is the best i ever purchased for baby. the pajama very soft !

Thank you! We are grateful for this review!