Our Story

Erin Lim, Creative Director
Konny is designed and made by a mom and a dad who parent together.
As new parents we had to adapt to a whole new lifestyle with the baby, who slept almost four to five times a day even before we’d recovered from delivery.
Popular items known to help babies quickly fall asleep only worked temporarily. As we had to walk while holding the baby in our arms to help him fall asleep, it caused severe pain in our wrists and waists.
There were loads of baby stuff to carry, not to mention a sizable baby carrier dangling down from the bag it wouldn’t fit in, when we were going out even for a short walk. Sometimes, being a parent was exhausting enough to make us feel weary and distressed.
We wanted to make a carrier that is so light that we’d even forget that we’re wearing one, while the design had to be stunning enough to keep moms and dads holding and nurturing their babies in style.
At the same time, we wanted to make it comfortable, not putting any burden on the waist, shoulders and wrists of the user. Above all, we wanted to make a carrier that helps baby fall asleep quickly, so that parents can be granted time for a break, even for a moment.