Konny Baby Apron Bath Towel (0M-3Y) - Konny Baby
Konny Baby Apron Bath Towel (0M-3Y) - Konny Baby
Konny Baby Apron Bath Towel (0M-3Y) - Konny Baby
Konny Baby Apron Bath Towel (0M-3Y) - Konny Baby
Konny Baby Apron Bath Towel (0M-3Y) - Konny Baby
Konny Baby Apron Bath Towel (0M-3Y) - Konny Baby
Konny Baby Apron Bath Towel (0M-3Y) - Konny Baby

Bamboo Cotton Apron Bath Towel (0M-3Y)

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Customer Reviews

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M.B. (Phoenix, US)
Konny Size: M
The Softest Towel Ever!!

We absolutely LOVE our towel! It is literally the softest towel ever and it keeps our little guy sooo warm after bath time. He can just hang out and be happy post bath and it makes our lives that much easier! It also dries him super quickly, which is yet another plus. Highly recommend!

Our Apron Bath Towel is made for the little one's bath time easier and cozier, and we are so happy to see it works great for your baby. Thank you so much for leaving this review along with the photos.

c.d. (Christchurch, NZ)
Konny Size: XL
Height (cm or ft): 165
Weight (kg or lbs): 89
Honestly such a genius product!

I cannot rave enough about this towel! My little girl Roux looooves her bath, so much so that every time we take her out, she ends up screaming and crying as we carry her around dripping wet to lay her on her usual towel. But she doesn't when we use this little magic contraption! It's so easy and no fuss, and makes the smoothest transition from the warm water to the instant comfort and warmth of my or her dad's chest.
I really love how easy it is to wrap her warm, and I was stunned at how quickly this towel dried her! By the time we laid her down, she was mostly already dried, and so happy and cooing :)
The placement of the straps is very practical and clever, and all the little details really make for a very well thought out towel. I love that Konny thought to include an extension strap for the waist for larger mamas like myself or for her dad to use, very size inclusive and thoughtful.
Finally, I have to mention how cute the little hood with the pom pom is, and the neutral colour palette, I love it!
Thank you Konny for yet another wonderful and clever product.

Through your heartfelt review along with those photos of your little one getting relaxed during/after the bath, we were able to feel how you genuinely enjoy our Apron Bath Towel. Thank you so much for sharing your experience of our product with us.

k.s. (Pineville, US)
our first baby

this apron towel is amazing! super soft! i love that me and baby get to cuddle in it after bath! such a special moment we get to share!!

Thank you so much for leaving this review. We sincerely hope that bath time for your little one becomes more easier and relaxing with our Apron Bath Towel. :)

L. (Singapore, SG)
Bath time made easy - keep your little one warm and snuggly

My little one enjoys bath time a lot more when we use the apron bath towel - just look at how calm and happy he is in the photos! Wearing the towel using the neck and waist straps makes it easy for me to wrap him up quickly once he’s out of the water, and the microfiber fabric does a fantastic job of keeping him warm. Absolutely fuss-free bath time for parent and baby!

Our Apron Bath Towel is made for making a baby's bath time relaxing, cozy and easy. And we are glad to hear that it works so great for you and your little one. Thank you so much for sharing this review with us!

maggie mao (Singapore, SG)
soft towel

I like konny items. I purchased more than 10 bibs and the bib is the best i ever purchased for baby. the pajama very soft !

Thank you! We are grateful for this review!

K. (Brooklyn, US)
So smart!

I'm in love. This is a genius idea that acknowledges how a towel for a baby is actually used. It has all of the functionality you could as for, and it's soft and super cute!

Thank you so much for your review!