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Why do most baby carrier warmers all look the same?

Most warmers are not considerate towards the fashion sense of our mums and dads. With various features obtruding and hanging awkwardly from our bodies, these products neither fold well nor fit into most bags making them hardly portable and most of all resembles a thick duvet that makes the overall experience unpleasant. Now, simply wear your warmer like a piece of attire.

Make your outdoor journey with your baby more stylish and even warmer.

The Konny Baby Carrier Warmer tightly holds your baby while allowing moms and dads to stay stylish. These warmers are designed to naturally match any type of outer wear you have whether it’s a padded coat or a cardigan. It is long enough to cover your hips keeping you warm even in coldest winters.  

The finely woven fabric will shield you from the cold.

This piece of attire is worn with baby cozily cuddled in mum and dad’s chest. The high-density polar fleece fabric will keep you warm even when you drape it on shoulders. We’ve also added an extra layer where it covers your baby’s back protecting your baby from headwinds.


There’s no need to carry a separate blanket with you.

Preparing for the outside in winter has always been cumbersome especially with thick baby blankets filling up your bag. The Konny Baby Carrier Warmer is made to be warmer than most heavy-duty blankets with their tightly knit weave that now you won’t even need to take a separate blanket. Use it for multiple occasions, as a cover for your stroller, a blanket, and even to lay on the floor.

Highly efficient adjustable size snaps.

We’ve added two pairs of snaps to make it easier to adjust according to different circumstances. Use the inner snaps when baby is still small and not yet able to use arms. When baby is large enough to have arms out or when strapped in facing forward, use the outer snaps.


Washable at home using an ordinary washing machine.

Most winter items need to be dry-cleaned but for busy moms and dads, even a trip to the local dry cleaner can be tiresome. Wash your Konny Warmer easily at home after using it on an extra dusty day or whenever its stained.

An attire that you can wear for a long time to come.

When you need to shield yourself from harsh weathers, simply wrap it around you like a shawl. No one will recognize that it’s a baby carrier warmer. The Konny Warmer can be used as a stylish shawl even long after the baby has grown out of the carrier.



Konny Warmer is made of high quality polar fleece. With the outer shell soft like suede, this particularly goes well with coats. The compactly trimmed inner fur lining made up of high-density polar fleece makes it extra warm even on the coldest days of winter.

How to use and store

Since it is made to be tightly wrapped around baby, too many layers of clothes will not be necessary. When indoors, wear with the lapels open and close the lapel using the adjustable snaps when needed. You can also attach the detachable cap for baby when needed. The detachable cap will be at the center only when the snaps are used. When the weather is too cold that the cap is needed, baby will naturally dig deeper into mum and dad’s chest, that is why we did not see the necessity of an extra zipper. Hold onto the snap while closing and opening them. Since we utilized parts of the wearer’s clothes for the snaps, the parts of clothes may stretch if the snaps are open and closed while holding onto the fabric. When you are not using the cap, detach it from the warmer and hang it separately on a hanger or store it nicely folded. The lapel may stretch if you hang the warmer with the cap and deform in length after a long period of time.

Laundry and Care

Wash with cold water using a washing mesh. Detach the bells before washing. The metal parts may rust or deform in shape if drenched in water for long periods of time. Do not bleach. Do not boil. Please be aware that the product may change in shape or shrink in size when using a dryer.

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S 4 8 9
M 6 10 11
L 8 12 13
XL 10 14 15
XXL 12 16 17

You should choose the size of the Konny baby carrier based on your size, not based on baby’s age by months or weight.

  • Please check the size chart for shirts prior to placing an order, as people with the same height and weight may have different body shapes.
  • If you wonder if it is okay to be a bit tight when you first wear it with your baby in the carrier, you have found the right size for you. A larger size may cause discomfort as the baby would be placed too low on the body.
  • Think of it as putting your baby in a tight T-shirt. The fabric gets stretched in accordance with the increase of baby’s age of months. So please be sure to choose the right size from the beginning.
  • Normally, mothers gain about 10-20kg during pregnancy and gradually lose weight after delivery. The pace of postpartum weight loss differs for every woman. But generally, it seems to take less than about 100 days for many to recover with only 3-5kg left until getting back to the pre-pregnancy weight. The body size right after giving birth is approximately one size larger than the size of pre-pregnancy, due to the leftover baby weight and swollen breasts.
  • So, it would be better to choose the size for current weight if you plan to wear it right after delivery. As we boast a long lifetime of the product, choosing the size for the pre-pregnancy weight would also be a good choice to make. But if the weight difference remains over 10kg even after the puerperium, please choose the larger size.

Q. Do I need to purchase a larger size when the baby grows up?

As the baby’s weight increases, the fabric containing spandex stretches accordingly. Therefore, you should purchase the tight enough size from the beginning to use it in a same fit when the baby grows up.

Q. Can mom and dad share the carrier?

Parents won’t be able to share the carrier, unless their sizes are the same. If you purchase the product in accordance with one parent’s size, the other parent may experience discomfort; if you purchase about the middle size for both parents, both may experience discomfort. Try buying one in accordance with the size of one parent. If the baby enjoys the time in the Konny baby carrier, then consider making an additional purchase.

Q. As a dad, how can I choose the size?

For men, a person who is 178cm tall, weighs 71kg and with a chest size of 90cm, normally wears Large (L). Some of those who are shorter or lighter say Medium (M) fits them nicely. If you put on some weight around your waist, are taller than 180cm or have a bigger upper body, we recommend that you choose Extra Large (XL). You can find more reference images for a dad below.

Please send us an email (help@konnybaby.com) if you have more questions regarding the size. Make sure to include answers to the questions below.

1) How long have you been from your delivery?
2) Your current height, weight, clothing size (shirt)
3) Your pre-pregnancy height, weight, clothing size (shirt)

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