#7 Why the Konny Baby Carrier Winter Cover was dropped before launching

#7. the story behind: making of Konny
Why the Konny Baby Carrier Winter Cover was dropped before launching

It was 2017 when the Konny Baby Carrier was launched and when I decided to develop a cover that goes well with our baby carrier. Today, let me tell you a story of developing the Konny Baby Carrier Winter Cover, beating my head against a wall (again…).

The final parcels waiting to be sent out for delivery after all baby carriers were sold-out. We had to package ourselves as we had no partnering distribution center at the time.

The initial quantity we produced, which were expected to be sold for 2 months, were sold out within just 2 weeks of launch. Nobody saw this coming, including myself. But I felt more like bewildered than pleasant at this unexpected result. And I was astounded since I’ve been keep questioning whether my customers would listen to my story and open their wallets for our products, and whether I could succeed without giving up. I felt sorry for doubting myself and my gut as a mother and a consumer who was dedicated to raise my baby. From now on, I promised myself to have more faith in my gut. “It is okay to fail. If there’s anything I learn from, then that’s all that matters.” Fully motivated to make things that customers really need in their lives, I decided to go back to square one.

I recalled the time when I felt most troubled while raising my baby. One of them was going out with my baby in the winter. After giving birth to my baby in September, I started to desire going out with my little one from December. But winter in Korea was brutal for a new mom who hasn’t yet fully recovered to take her baby outside. Both of us had to put on layers of clothes and there were tons of bulky things I needed to pack, from baby carrier cover to puffy jumpsuit to blanket, to be prepared for the cold. Everything was cumbersome and I was always short of hands. Without my husband by my side, I could not dare to go out with my baby. When the two of us went out for a short walk or to get vaccinated, I hurry-scurried to get everything handled. Wearing and removing a baby carrier cover was too cumbersome as both of us were wearing multiple layers of clothes. It was easier to drape a blanket over me and my baby, but the blanket was repeatedly falling off, sweeping the whole floor. I sighed and thought, ‘There’s got to be a better way...’

“How can I make going out in the winter lighter and simpler?”

That’s when I realized what really needed an improvement was the baby carrier cover. The Konny Baby Carrier was first launched in September 2017, and many pictures of our customers using it were uploaded on Instagram. But as the temperature gap between day and night grew bigger from early October, I started to witness that many of our customers were draping various types of covers, from gauze blanket to windbreaker cover to their lightweight puffer jacket, over the Konny Baby Carrier. Then I realized, no matter how light our baby carrier was, without a baby carrier cover that reduces the loads for parents, there was no point of boasting “lightweight” about our product. So, we chose the baby carrier cover as the next item to launch in September, and I started designing from early October.

Tried to draw a design on a cotton cloth myself to save money, but soon realized why we get help from professionals...

I have to admit. It was nonsense to start from scratch in early October when it already started to get chilly. I naively believed I could launch the product by the end of December if I immediately started to work on the design. Also, since the cold snap normally lasts until April in Korea, I thought there would be people who would still willingly purchase our product in late December. (I was a total noive, I know.)

I purchased fabrics at the Dongdaemun Fabric Market, drew a design with a pencil on a cotton cloth, cut and patched the pieces together to make a sample myself, and tested it multiple times, holding a baby-size doll in the sample carrier cover (since my baby was already big by then). Meanwhile, I was introduced to a producing agency. I thought, with their rich knowledge and experience, they could complement my shortage and help me launch the product quicker than the expected timeline. Holding multiple meetings a week with the agency, we chose the fabric and completed a sample trial product.

The first sample developed in 2017, which was dropped for the imperfect quality

Now, I had to make a call and get going. But I was reluctant for some reason. The sample was made completely based on my decisions; but I wasn’t fully satisfied with my trial product that I rushedly developed. And I wasn’t confident enough to say that I could open the wallet without any hesitation as a consumer. When the designer of the producing agency told me it was time to make a decision in order to sell the product this season, I felt alert all of a sudden. After much deliberation, I said, “I can’t sell this product. I’m sorry.”

As I look back on the time, I was very distressed. The completed sample was different from what I had in mind. I needed time to process the fact that I was wrong and that I failed. But now that I think about it, it was a good decision in the long run. If I had not made a halt back then, the product would have been the worst mistake Konny has ever made.

When going out with a baby in the winter, parents would need a baby carrier cover each time. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they would buy two or three of them. They might purchase two or three baby carriers, but not the baby carrier cover. I knew consumers would pick and choose a single baby carrier cover and use it throughout the season. (You know, moms are the ones who would rather buy two baby overcoats than two baby carrier covers.) So, I came to think that the baby carrier cover should be a nice suit of clothes that is comfy, well-made and reasonable. To make one like that, I needed to secure sufficient time before launching and make no compromises when choosing the fabric and subsidiary materials and in the sewing quality.

“When time is on my side, I can make a good decision.” It’s one of my favorite mottos. I believe I can develop what I love after a lot of legwork, trials and errors and, most importantly, when I am not rushed for time. (The same holds true for men, new home for a married couple and clothes…) So, I decided to take one more year to make more samples and go through trials and errors before launching the product I can confidently sell to my customers. As a seller, I should admit that it is much more fun and exciting to showcase the product that I’m truly confident about, while I can’t help flinching and feeling guilty when there are parts I am unsure about the product. What’s more important than the pace of launching is the absolute quality of the product. I am proud of myself for calling a halt to the launch of the baby carrier cover to promise my customers the absolute quality of the product; although, it wasn’t an easy call to make.



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